Indian Wife Beaten with a Rod and Hospitalised over Dowry

An Indian woman in Punjab was beaten severely by her in-laws and husband due to more demands for dowry. Her parents gave a statement of the incident.

Indian Wife Beaten with a Rod and Hospitalised over Dowry f

they got a metal rod and beat her viciously

An Indian wife was badly beaten by her in-laws over dowry demands, resulting in her having to be hospitalised.

The incident took place in the village of Rasulpur, Phillaur, near Jalandhar, after which the married woman was taken to a civil hospital.

The parents of the women say that their daughter got married in 2012.

Ever since her marriage, her husband and in-laws began a campaign of taunting and harassment for more dowry. But being a poor family, they could not fulfil the demands made on their daughter.

Then, they turned to domestic violence and began to beat and abuse their daughter. She suffered a great deal at the hands of the in-laws on a daily basis.

In the past, when the beating and abuse got out of hand, they went to Rasulpur and brought their daughter back.

However, panchayats (village councils) from both sides congregated over the matter.

They made the family agree to stop the physical abuse and mistreatment of their daughter.  To which they agreed and took her back to Rasulpur.

However, it did not end. Days later they began the violence and abuse again.

This time they got a metal rod and beat her viciously such that she had physical injuries over her body and began bleeding profusely.

Then, the mother-in-law and her sister-in-law phoned the woman’s parents and told them to come and take her.

By the time the parents got to Rasulpur, her condition from the beating worsened and they immediately took her to a hospital in Sultanpur Lodhi.

After the parents reported the issue to police and the husband and in-laws declared the charges as baseless.

The mother of the beaten woman revealed that her daughter previously had been pregnant with two babies. 

Both the unborn children died before giving birth.

This was due to the physical abuse and beatings endured by her daughter due to bringing a lack of dowry.

In addition, they said in their statement to the police that the in-laws and husband attempted to kill their daughter by strangling her by tying a dupatta around her neck.

They then approached the Chief Minister of Punjab for justice for their daughter’s case.

Police investigations then commenced into the case after statements were taken at the police station.

Police chief, Mukhi, said that based on the information provided by the victim legal action will follow and arrests shall be made accordingly.

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