Indian Husband kills Wife for Rejoicing his Mother’s Death

Indian husband Sandeep Lokhande was arrested for murdering his wife. He killed her because she allegedly showed happiness towards his mother’s death.

Indian Husband kills Wife for Rejoicing his Mother's Death f

"Sandeep, now in police custody, has confessed to the crime."

Indian husband Sandeep Lokhande, aged 49, from Maharashtra, was arrested on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, for murdering his wife.

According to police, he killed Shubhangi Lokhande, aged 35 after she was said to have displayed her joy towards the death of her mother-in-law.

It was presumed by local media outlets that Shubhangi took her own life. They thought that she was overcome with grief by the death of Malati Lokhande.

Reportedly, Shubhangi went to the second-floor balcony of her flat and jumped off.

Malati died in the early hours on Saturday, March 9, 2019, after a prolonged battle with cancer.

However, police officers launched a probe into the matter after becoming suspicious about Shubhangi’s cause of death.

They investigated the motive behind her death. Both bodies were sent for a post-mortem at Kolhapur CPR Hospital.

A case of accidental death was registered but family members and neighbours were questioned in connection with Shubhangi’s death.

Officers discovered that the young woman had been murdered. The police brought in Sandeep for questioning, where he admitted killing his wife.

An officer said: “Sandeep, now in police custody, has confessed to the crime.”

He became enraged with her after she openly displayed her joy at his mother’s death.

Sandeep was overcome with anger and pushed his wife off the second-floor balcony of their house on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

An officer from Juna Rajwada station, in Kolhapur, said:

“During the investigation, Sandeep said his wife was happy with the death of his mother and therefore, in a fit of rage, he killed her.

“After the ailing Malati died on Saturday morning, Shubhangi became happy.

“She couldn’t hide her feelings. Sandeep was enraged by this behaviour of his wife and killed her the same day.”

Sandeep had a case registered against him and was booked under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.

The couple’s two children are now living with their Grandfather after Sandeep was arrested.

In a previous incident where a husband has brutally murdered his wife, a man beheaded his wife for allegedly having an affair.

Satish Gupta was arrested in 2018 for chopping his wife’s head off and took it to a local police station.

He entered the police station and pulled it out of a plastic bag. Gupta confessed to murdering his wife while holding his wife’s severed head.

Gupta caught his wife with her lover and in a fit of anger, he killed her with a machete.

Gupta was remanded in custody as police went to search for the rest of the victim’s body.

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