Hina Khan reveals she lost a Year of Work

Hina Khan reveals she lost a year worth of acting work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The actress opened up on her lack of work.

Hina Khan reveals she lost a Year of Work f

"I lost out on a lot of learning experience"

Hina Khan revealed she was one of the stars who was affected by the pandemic, stating that she lost a year worth of work.

The actress had two 2020 releases, Hacked and Damaged. Both were filmed in pre-Covid times and now, she explained that she did not film at all during 2020.

She told Hindustan Times: “I am sad that I didn’t shoot all of last year. As an actor, I lost a year.

“I believe that I lost out on many opportunities, with regards to meeting good people, social gatherings and network.

“Not meeting people, like we did earlier, makes a lot of difference.

“You don’t know who picks you up for which project based on your connect with them. I lost out on a lot of learning experience as I didn’t work on new projects.

“I don’t have any project lined up in 2021 as yet. Yet, I consider myself one of the lucky ones as I had multiple projects release this year.”

While Hina appeared in Naagin 5 and Bigg Boss 14, she said it was “stressful”.

The actress continued: “Every few days, we hear about actors and technicians testing positive, even ones shooting out of Mumbai.

“So, working on a set every day and meeting so many people is risky as well.

“I have been stepping out and working but the virus is always on my mind.

“I performed at an awards event recently and I was so nervous and petrified, with dancers picking me and dancing in a group.

“I stayed away from my parents for a couple of days as there is a lot of fear.”

Hina Khan said that she is happy that a Covid-19 vaccine is “out there” in India but admitted that it might be a while before “we get it”.

She added: “We will have to see how effective it is, what are the side effects, how long does it give us immunity and how will the authorities reach out to the population of our country.

“It won’t be easy. India has to work hard to be able to reach everyone because a vaccine isn’t the need of just our country but the whole world.”

Hina Khan had previously opened up on coming from an orthodox Kashmiri family.

She had said: “I come from an orthodox Kashmiri family where becoming an actress was never an option.

“My parents were even hesitant to send me to Delhi for college but somehow, I convinced Papa.

“So, when a friend suggested auditioning for a serial, I said no.

“Upon insistence, I gave it a go and the casting directors loved me! The next day, I was selected for the lead role!

“I moved to Bombay without telling my parents; I was 20. The production people helped me find a place.

“It took me weeks to tell Papa. He was livid. Mom’s friends and relatives cut ties with us.”

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