Indian Wife kills Alcoholic Husband over his Abuse

In a fit of rage, an Indian wife strangled her alcoholic husband to death after enduring abuse from him whenever he was drunk.

Indian Wife kills Alcoholic Husband over his Abuse f

Whenever he had been drinking, Sanat would abuse his wife

Angered by her alcoholic husband’s abusive behaviour towards her on a frequent basis, an Indian wife brutally strangled him to death.

The incident happened in the district of Gariaband, Chhattisgarh.

Devboh Police Station officer in-charge Gautam Chand Gawde said the victim was 47-year-old Sanat Sonwani.

He had been a teacher at Girshul High School since 2013.

On the night of April 3, 2023, Sanat was rushed to hospital in an unconscious state by his wife and landlord.

When the doctor checked him, he was declared dead.

The doctor noticed signs of injury on Sanat’s neck and thigh. He then informed the police.

Police arrived at the hospital and began questioning the victim’s wife Sita.

Meanwhile, the doctor who conducted the post-mortem concluded that Sanat was murdered via strangulation.

When officers further questioned Sita, the Indian wife broke down and confessed to her crime.

Sita told police that her husband was an alcoholic and would get drunk most nights.

Whenever he had been drinking, Sanat would abuse his wife, resulting in neighbours frequently hearing shouting coming from the house.

Due to his alcoholism and fear for their safety, the couple’s children did not live with them. Instead, they lived with their grandparents.

On April 3, a drunk Sanat turned up at the school where he worked and made a scene before passing out.

Sita received the news and went to the school to bring her husband back home with the help of her landlord.

The landlord returned to his home but when the couple returned to their home, Sanat began abusing his wife again.

His abusive behaviour enraged her.

She grabbed a rolling pin and pushed it against her husband’s throat.

Due to being heavily intoxicated, Sanat struggled to defend himself, resulting in him being unable to breathe.

He eventually fell unconscious.

Once her anger subsided, the Indian wife called her landlord, claiming that her husband was not breathing and that she did not know why.

Sita and the landlord called an ambulance and Sanat was soon taken to hospital but was later declared dead.

Suspicions about the man’s death began to arise when injury marks that were common with strangulation were found on the victim’s neck.

After confessing to the murder, police formally arrested Sita.

A case has been registered under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

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