Indian Wife kills Husband and Cuts off his Genitals

In a shocking incident, an Indian wife from West Bengal murdered her husband. After the killing, she cut off his genitals.

Indian Wife kills Husband and Cuts off his Genitals ft

They entered the room and saw their father's body

Police have arrested an Indian wife after she killed her husband. The shocking incident happened in the district of Howrah, West Bengal.

The woman struck her 45-year-old husband over the head with a fish-knife, killing him. She then cut off his genitals.

Police have identified the victim as Mohsin Mallik while his wife has been named as Manira.

According to the police, the couple had got into a heated argument over a family feud. The incident resulted in Manira picking up a fish-knife and striking her husband with it.

After he fell to the ground and subsequently died, she used the knife to sever his genitals.

An officer explained that the couple had two children. He went on to say that Manira suffered from mental health issues and was on medication to manage it.

The matter came to light when one of the sons informed the police.

The son told police that when he and his brother woke up on the morning of August 16, 2020, their mother told them to go into her bedroom and see what she had done.

They entered the room and saw their father’s body wrapped in a blanket and lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

After the police were informed, they immediately arrived at the scene and arrested the Indian wife. Meanwhile, the victim’s body was sent for a post-mortem.

The fish-knife that was used in the gruesome murder was also recovered.

Police said that the couple used to get into arguments all the time with each other.

While Manira remains in custody, police are currently investigating the matter further.

There have been numerous cases where wives have attacked their husbands and their genitals.

A number of reasons, including attempted rape, have led to such cases. But revenge against a husband’s cheating is the main one.

More and more Indian women are taking matters into their own hands and no longer letting husbands do as they want.

They see these attacks on their genitals as a way of teaching them a lesson.

In one case, a woman attacked her husband for allegedly neglecting her and showing a preference for his second wife.

Yunus Ahmed married for the second time with consent from his wife.

However, when he frequently stayed at his second wife’s house, he would argue with his first spouse.

In a heated argument, she cut his genitals with a knife.

Ahmed was rushed to hospital in a serious condition while the woman was arrested.

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