Wife puts Chilli Powder in Genitals of Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend

In a shocking incident, a woman from Gujarat stuffed chilli powder into the private parts of her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Wife puts Chilli Powder in Genitals of Husband's Ex-Girlfriend f

"The two forced me to sit between them"

Three women have been arrested for subjecting another woman to a horrific ordeal which included putting chilli powder into her genitals.

It was reported that one of the perpetrators was the wife of the victim’s ex-lover. The incident took place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

It is believed that the prime accused committed the crime as a way of teaching the victim a lesson for her relationship with her husband.

The 22-year-old unnamed victim also alleged that she was beaten. Following her statement, police filed an FIR.

The victim had been in a relationship with Girish Goswami, the husband of Janu Goswami. She fell in love with him in 2016 whilst working at his shop.

They were in a relationship until 2018 when the woman decided to end the affair. She later left her job at Girish’s shop.

The young woman explained that Girish contacted her in December 2019 and the ex-lovers began talking again. She said that Janu found out about their conversations and began threatening her.

Janu enlisted the help of two friends and they kidnapped the victim on January 30, 2020.

The FIR stated: “On Thursday at 9:45 in the morning, Janu and her other friend Rinka who were on a scooty intercepted me when I was on my way to Pragatinagar from my residence in Vadaj.

“The two forced me to sit between them on the vehicle.”

Janu and Rinka took the woman to the home of another friend named Thakuri and the trio assaulted her.

The woman was stripped naked and beaten. They then took chilli powder and put it into her private parts.

The women filmed the ordeal before continuing to make threats. When the victim screamed in pain, Janu took a picture of her.

In the FIR, the victim added: “I was locked in a room at Thakuri’s home.

“The woman asked Rinka and Janu to remove my clothes and insert chilli powder into my private parts.”

“The three accused also shot a video of the act while I was crying in pain.”

Before letting the woman go, the three women allegedly threatened to throw acid on her if she spoke to Girish again.

After leaving the house, the victim approached the police and explained her ordeal.

The police took the woman’s statement and registered a case against the three women.

The suspects were eventually located and were arrested on charges of kidnapping, assault and criminal intimidation.

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