Indian Mother and Four Daughters commit Suicide

A 40-year-old Indian mother residing in Uttar Pradesh tragically decided to take her own life along with her four daughters.

Indian Mother and Four Daughters commit Suicide f

the woman used to get into frequent arguments with her husband

An Indian mother and her four daughters were found dead at their home having committed suicide.

The tragedy happened in the Shanti Nagar area of Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh.

It was reported that the woman was worried about the future for her daughters and was upset over her husband’s drug addiction.

As a result of the constant arguments that came with her husband’s drug addiction, the woman decided to poison her four daughters before taking her own life.

It was revealed that the matter came to light on February 1, 2020, however, the suicide actually happened several days prior.

The door of their house had been locked for several days and concerned neighbours called the police when a strong smell came from the house.

Officers arrived at the scene and broke down the door. When they entered, they discovered the bodies of the five family members.

Neighbours told police that the woman used to get into frequent arguments with her husband over his drug addiction.

It was reported that Ram Bharosa worked at a roadside food stall in the area but was a drug addict.

He had a row with his wife over the matter on January 28, 2020, before leaving the house. Ram has not been seen since.

On February 1, police went into the house and found the bodies of 40-year-old Shyama and her daughters Pinky, aged 21, Priyanka, aged 14, Varsha, aged 13, and Nanki, aged 10.

Police officers also found raisins at the scene which were later found to have been laced with poison.

The matter was registered as a case of suicide based on the fact that the door had been locked from the inside.

Shyama used to work as a cook at a college. She was the main earner of the family as Ram would spend most of his earnings on drugs.

The Indian mother managed the household expenses and was also fully responsible for managing her daughters’ education.

According to neighbours, Ram and Shyama would argue as soon as he returned home.

As well as spending his earnings on drugs, Ram would allegedly harass and beat up his wife for money.

This would leave very little money for the household. Shyama feared that a lack of money would have a negative effect when raising her daughters.

Shyama was also worried about her eldest daughter’s upcoming marriage.

These worries led Shyama to give her daughters poisoned raisins before consuming them herself.

Police are currently searching the whereabouts of Ram.

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