Indian Parents commit Suicide blaming Son & Daughter-in-Law

An elderly couple from South West Bengaluru committed suicide. They have blamed their son and daughter-in-law for driving them to take their own lives.

Indian Parents commit Suicide blaming Son & Daughter-in-Law f

After she consumed it, he then took his own life.

An elderly couple from Girinagar, South West Bengaluru, committed suicide on Saturday, August 24, 2019, and have blamed their son and daughter-in-law.

One consumed poison while the other hung themself at their home.

The couple has been identified as 70-year-old Krishna Murthy and Swarna Murthy, aged 65.

Krishna was a retired Bharat Electronics Limited employee while Swarna was a housewife.

According to the police, the couple accused their son and daughter-in-law of harassment in writing.

They had stated that the son and daughter-in-law were responsible for driving them to suicide by writing it in black marker on a wall.

The writing said that they have ended their lives as they could no longer tolerate the constant harassment.

The suicide came to light when Manjunath and his wife Soumya came home from work. They had returned at around 8 pm. They tried to enter the house but the door was locked from the inside.

Manjunath looked through the window and saw his father hanging from the ceiling.

The police were immediately informed and they arrived at the scene. The door was broken down and they searched the house.

Swarna was found dead on the bed. An empty bottle was recovered which was thought to be poison. It was sent for forensic examination.

Police believe that the incident may have happened between 5:30 pm and 6 pm.

They think Krishna laced his wife’s food with poison and gave it to her. After she consumed it, he then took his own life.

However, it was reported that the elderly couple actually committed suicide because Krishna was depressed.

He was upset that his wife was bedridden and it led to him taking the extreme step.

A senior police officer said:

“The bedridden mother had spinal cord issues which drove them to suicide.”

Manjunath and Soumya, both software engineers working for a private firm in Marathahalli, were booked for allegedly being responsible for the suicide.

While they were booked, they were not taken into custody. Instead, officers at Girinagar Police Station allowed the 42-year-old man to perform the last rites of the elderly couple.

The police allowed both the husband and wife to attend the last rites on humanitarian grounds. Manjunath was the elderly couple’s only son.

A police officer said: “Since Manjunath is the only son, we allowed him to conduct the last rites. He would be taken into custody for interrogation.”

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