Indian Wife & Teen Daughters commit Suicide blaming Husband

An Indian wife and her teenage daughters took their own lives at their home in Bengaluru. The woman pinned the blame on her husband.

Indian Wife & Teen Daughters commit Suicide blaming Husband f

Rajeshwari and her daughters became extremely upset.

An Indian wife and her two teenage daughters committed suicide on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

The three of them took their own lives by hanging themselves at their home in Bengaluru.

Prior to the triple suicide, the woman had put up a WhatsApp status blaming her husband for driving them towards the extreme step. She alleged that he had ruined their lives.

The deceased has been identified as 40-year-old Rajeshwari. Manasa was a 17-year-old student on a Pre-University Course (PUC) while Bhumika, aged 15, was a Class 10 student.

According to the police, Rajeshwari had been married to a man named Siddaiah for 18 years. The family were originally from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir.

It was reported that Siddaiah began having an affair with a woman in 2016. The community elders found out and advised him to stop seeing the other woman but he continued to do so.

He had stopped going to his house and he avoided his family. The family eventually sorted things out.

However, when Siddaiah started avoiding them again, Rajeshwari and her daughters became extremely upset. On the night of August 11, 2019, they decided to take extreme measures.

While Siddaiah was out of the house, they locked the house and later hung themselves from the ceiling fan.

Their deaths came to light on August 12, 2019, after the neighbours noticed that their house was locked and could not see any signs of movement.

They tried calling them several times but there was no response. The concerned neighbours later broke down the door and found the Indian wife and two daughters hanging from the ceiling.

The neighbours immediately contacted the police who rushed to the scene and investigated the house.

A police official stated: “The couple were fighting frequently, but they came to a compromise recently and started living together.

“However, Siddaiah again started avoiding them, which might have forced the women and her two daughters to take this extreme step.”

A senior officer explained that a suicide note was not found at the house.

However, the officer said that Rajeshwari had put up a status on WhatsApp accusing her husband of ruining their lives and blamed him for their deaths.

He added: “We are still verifying the authenticity of the WhatsApp status.”

A case was registered at Hanumantha Nagar Police Station and the incident is being investigated.

The Bangalore Mirror reported that Siddaiah, who was out of the city at the time, was informed by the police. He was asked to return to Bengaluru for questioning.

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