Indian Couple oddly commit Suicide after Love Marriage

In what has been described as strange circumstances, an Indian couple took their own lives shortly after their love marriage.

Indian Couple oddly commit Suicide after Love Marriage f

Sumit and Riya decided to take their own lives.

An Indian couple from Haryana committed suicide after consuming poison on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

They took their own lives shortly after they had a love marriage. Police have identified the deceased as Sumit and Riya.

Their deaths have left the police baffled as to why they would take such measures.

The family also do not know why but after finding out that Sumit and Riya had consumed poison, they were rushed to PGIMS Rohtak. However, doctors declared both of them dead.

Relatives explained to officers what had happened and the newly married couple’s bodies were later handed back to their family for the final rites to be conducted.

In his statement, Anand explained that his son Sumit returned to his home in Pauli with a young woman named Riya on October 11, 2019.

The father stated that he had not seen his son for a year.

Sumit had told his father that he had a love marriage with Riya. For four days, the couple lived happily.

Anand, his eldest son and his children lived at the house with the newly married Indian couple.

However, on the night of October 15, when everybody was asleep, Sumit and Riya decided to take their own lives.

Anand and his eldest son slept in separate rooms while the couple had their own room.

All of a sudden, Riya loudly called for her father-in-law. When Anand entered their room, she told her husband to eat something before consuming the same thing.

Both of them soon collapsed. After realising it was poison, Anand rushed them to the hospital but it was too late.

Anand told officers that he was happy with his son’s decision to get married. He even gave them money to go shopping for upcoming festivities.

The distraught father went on to say that he did not understand why they decided to commit suicide.

According to Sub-Inspector Mahendra Singh, other relatives told officers that Sumit and Riya seemed very much in love during the four days that they were staying at the house.

Following a post-mortem which confirmed that they died by consuming poison, the bodies were handed over to their family.

The reason for their suicide remains a mystery for the police, especially when taking into account the statements of the relatives.

While they suspect that Sumit made a suicide pact with his wife which is why he returned to his home after a year, the matter is still being investigated.

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