Indian Couple Commit Suicide over Domestic Dispute

An Indian couple living in Maharashtra took their own lives at their home. It is believed that it was over a domestic dispute.

Indian Couple Commit Suicide over Domestic Dispute f

"Karina and her brother found Suraj hanging"

A police case is underway after an Indian couple were found dead at their home, having committed suicide.

Their bodies were discovered at their home in the Nana Peth area of Maharashtra in the early hours of Sunday, June 21, 2020.

It was revealed that they took their own lives within hours of each other and it is believed that a domestic dispute between the couple had led to the double suicide.

Police identified the deceased as 27-year-old Suraj Palsingh Soni and his wife Karina, aged 20.

Suraj worked as a security guard in the area while his wife was employed as a domestic help at several nearby flats.

Following the discovery of their bodies, officers from Samarth Police Station have launched a probe into the case.

One police officer said that Karina’s brother had been staying with the couple for the last few days.

The officer said: “The sequence of events primarily established till now has been based on what the woman’s brother told us.”

At around 6 am on June 21, Karina and her brother woke up and they found Suraj hanging from the ceiling with a dupatta.

Karina’s brother immediately went out to alert Suraj’s brother, who lives in the Pulgate area.

However, when he returned to the house with Suraj’s brother, they found the woman hanging from the ceiling, having used a rope.

One official explained: “This morning, Karina and her brother found Suraj hanging in his room.

“When her brother came back after informing their relatives and people known to them, he found Karina hanging from the ceiling as well.”

Senior Inspector Balkrushna Kadam revealed that the Indian couple regularly got into arguments as a result of domestic issues.

He went on to say that the domestic issues may have led them to take their own lives.

He said: “As per our primary information, there were some ongoing issues between the husband and wife and they had had fights too.

“We have not found any note, but prima facie it seems a fallout of domestic issues. Further probe is on.”

In another case, a man killed his wife and hid her body in the bathroom before taking his own life three days later.

Kavita was annoyed at her husband over his alcoholism as well as his regular habit of inviting his friends over for drinks.

Another issue in their marriage was the fact that Kavita was a real estate agent while Yogesh was unemployed.

Her father Santosh revealed that the last time he spoke to his daughter was on May 2, 2020, when he called to wish her a happy birthday.

The next day, Santosh tried to phone his daughter but her phone was switched off.

He then called Yogesh who claimed that she had gone to Parel with a friend.

On May 4, Santosh received a phone call saying that Yogesh had taken his own life and that Kavita’s body was found in the bathroom.

Kavita’s body was sent for a post-mortem. Results revealed that she was strangled to death approximately three days before the Indian man killed himself.

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