Indian Couple Commit Suicide a Year after Marriage

An investigation is underway after an Indian couple from Rajasthan tragically took their own lives just over a year after they tied the knot.

Indian Couple Commit Suicide a Year after Marriage f

Upon entering the house, he saw the couple's bodies.

An Indian couple were found dead at their home, having taken their own lives.

The tragic incident happened in the district of Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

The couple had been married for just one and a half years.

Villagers discovered the woman’s body in her room while her husband was found in the verandah.

Family members were soon informed and they called the police. Officers soon reached the spot and transferred the bodies to the mortuary.

Since then, the woman’s family have accused the in-laws of demanding money and as a result, the couple took their own lives.

The family has now filed a dowry case.

The deceased were identified as Jitendra and his wife Gayatri.

It was reported that Jitendra was planning to become a teacher. He also provided for his family by farming.

After he and Gayatri got married, they lived with Jitendra’s parents.

But sometime in March 2021, the couple moved to a house nearby.

On the day of the incident, Jitendra’s father Virendra went with his wife to the farm to get fodder.

But as they returned home, they saw a crowd of people outside Jitendra’s house. Upon entering the house, he saw the couple’s bodies.

Udyog Nagar Police Station in-charge Mahendra Rathi said that the villagers were questioned.

Police found out that in the morning, Gayatri had gone to the village for water.

She returned home at around 9 am where she committed suicide. A short while later, Jitendra also took his own life.

One villager had gone to the house. When the front door did not open, the person opened the gate and found Jitendra’s body.

This resulted in other villagers gathering around.

The villager then went into the house and found Gayatri’s body.

During the investigation, Gayatri’s father revealed that his daughter did not get along with her mother-in-law and that the pair would regularly argue.

It was also alleged that the in-laws used to demand money from Gayatri, causing her to be upset.

Gayatri’s father Jagram told police that this was the reason why the Indian couple began living separately.

Despite the allegations, Officer Rathi stated that the reason behind the double suicide could not be confirmed.

An investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Gayatri’s family members have filed a dowry case against the in-laws.

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