Indian Farmer kills Pregnant Daughter over Intercaste Marriage

An Indian farmer both plotted and carried out the murder of his own pregnant daughter in anger over her intercaste marriage.

Indian Man kills Mother & Films her Murder f

he attacked his daughter from behind

An Indian farmer has murdered his own daughter due to her intercaste marriage.

The shocking incident took place in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad district on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

Farmer Rajkumar Sao, of Jharia, killed his 20-year-old pregnant daughter, Khusi Kumari.

He took her and his wife, Sunita Devi, to Nawatand under the pretext of showing them a newly-purchased piece of land.

However, once there, he attacked his daughter from behind and fled the scene.

Sunita immediately lodged an FIR against her husband at Govindpur Police Station for killing Khusi. The police soon recovered her body and sent it for a post-mortem.

They are also currently locating Rajkumar Sao’s whereabouts in order to arrest him.

Khusi Kumari and her husband Karan Bauri wed in November 2020. They eloped to Bengal, against the wishes of Khusi’s father.

According to the local community, Rajkumar was unhappy about his eldest daughter’s marriage to a man of another caste. Therefore, he tried to convince her to leave him.

He also made sure to arrange and solemnise the marriage of his younger daughter to a man of his caste on July 16, 2021.

A relative of Rajkumar’s said that he suffered from mental health issues following Khusi Kumari’s intercaste marriage, admitting:

“Nobody knew what was going in his mind although he was in depression after the marriage of his elder daughter.”

Speaking of the incident, Amar Kumar Pandey, DSP of Govindpur, said:

“The accused was not happy with the marriage of his daughter with a youth of his locality and prima facie it seems that he killed her as part of a conspiracy on Wednesday night and later fled the scene.

“We have sent the body for post-mortem and began raids to arrest him on the basis of a complaint lodged by the deceased’s mother.”

Indians choosing to be with someone from a different caste can have fatal consequences.

In June 2020, an Indian Dalit man was beaten to death after it was discovered that he was in an intercaste relationship.

Twenty-year-old Viraj Jagtap was allegedly chased and beaten for being with a woman who belonged to an “upper caste”.

The police arrested four members of the woman’s family for Jagtap’s murder.

They claimed that Jagtap had been stalking and harassing the woman, and that the altercation that caused his death was due to “trouble he had been causing to the girl”.

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