Indian Mother and Daughter commit Suicide due to Dowry

An Indian mother and her married daughter from Punjab both committed suicide after being harrassed with demands for more dowry from her in-laws.

Indian Mother and Daughter commit Suicide due to Dowry f

Both mother and daughter took the pills.

Residents of Nawanshahr, Punjab, India, a daughter named Amarpreet Kaur and her mother, Jaswinder Kaur, both committed suicide after taking doses of Sulphas tablets.

The mother and daughter took their own lives after suffering major harassment related to dowry demands after Amarpreet got married.

Amarpreet got married to Harpreet Singh Dhira, the son of Mohinder Singh from the village of Bal Khurd in Fatehgarh Churian district about two months prior to the incident.

Amarpreet’s husband, his younger brother and her mother-in-law all joined together in a barrage of demands for dowry and harassment of her, soon after the wedding.

This resulted in heated arguments between husband and wife, Harpreet Singh Dhira and Amarpreet Kaur.

Amarpreet began to confide in her mother and told her everything she was enduring. To the extent, she felt that her husband and in-laws will kill her.

Amarpreet’s only sibling, her brother, Mandeep Singh, could not accept any more suffering of his sister due to the dowry abuse and decided to bring her back, from the in-laws.

He then presented his sister’s case to a group of close relatives and friends that as a very poor family, they just about managed to pay for Amarpreet’s wedding with huge difficulties.

And now, her in-laws’ greed is beyond belief and their demands for more dowry are impossible to meet.

On March 6, 2019, the Amapreet, her family and relatives met up with Amarpreet’s husband, Harpreet Singh Dhira and his family to discuss the matter and explained everything to them.

However, the Dhira family did not acknowledge any of it.

They would not back down on their demands for more dowry.

Upon returning back to their home, both Amarpreet and her mother, Jaswinder Kaur, were devastated by the outcome and sadly, took the step to take their own lives.

The Sulphas drug which is nicknamed ‘the suicide pill’, a poison, was swallowed by the women. Both mother and daughter took the pills.

When neighbours and others found them after what they had done, they alerted the emergency services.

An ambulance arrived at the premises and took both mother and daughter to Tarn Taran hospital and admitted them.

Sadly, Amarpreet passed away in hospital first and then her mother died from the poison they took.

Police subsequently arrested Amarpreet’s husband, Harpreet Singh Dhira, his brother Lovepreet Singh Ravi, her mother-in-law Gindi Kaur and another person named Bhola Nanda.

All of them were charged under section Indian penal codes 306 and 120 B and kept in custody.

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