Indian Bride throws ‘Embarrassing’ Gift from Groom’s Friends

In a viral video, an Indian bride received a gift from the groom’s friends. She threw it away, calling it “embarrassing”.

Indian Bride throws 'Embarrassing' Gift from Groom's Friends f

the Indian bride did not see the funny side

A viral video has shown an Indian bride throwing away an “embarrassing” wedding gift she received from the groom’s friends.

The video showed the bride looking unhappy upon opening the gift.

The bride and groom are seen sitting on the wedding stage being congratulated by guests.

The groom’s friends then hand her a gift. As she opens it, her expression immediately changes.

It is revealed to be a baby’s feeding bottle. The visibly annoyed bride looks up at the groom’s friends before throwing the gift aside.

Despite her unhappiness over the gift, her new husband continues to smile beside her.

Although the bride continues to sulk, the friends hand her the gift again.

Meanwhile, the Indian bride is seen adjusting her outfit. She is so displeased with the gift that she does not even look at it.

One guest then takes away the wedding gift.

It was reported that the baby bottle was a gift from the groom’s friends, who wanted to “poke fun at the newlywed couple”.

However, the Indian bride did not see the funny side of things and reportedly called the gift “embarrassing”.

The video went viral on Facebook and it has been seen more than 10 million times.

Users gave their take on the bizarre incident.

Many netizens joined in with the fun, laughing at the joke made by the friends.

However, others said that the bride should not have been disrespected like that.

One person said: “Everyone is respected, don’t hurt anyone for ur fun.”

Another user wrote: “She has been insulted.”

A third said: “Why are most of the commentators harsh on the girl?

“Is she getting married only to give birth to the children and feed them?

“What are they proving by giving a feeding bottle as a gift??? This is so lame to gift her a feeding bottle!

“She should be free to fly work even after marriage. It’s not her job to feed and grow babies!”

Meanwhile, some people trolled the bride for not being able to take a joke.

One person said: “She showed a little too much attitude.”

There were some people who moved away from the wedding gift and questioned the bride’s makeup.

Some pointed out that the bride’s makeup made her look very pale.

While the gift was meant to be a joke by the groom’s friends, it was clear that the bride did not enjoy their sense of humour.

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