Jackie Shroff on shooting ‘Embarrassing’ Sex Scenes

Bollywood star Jackie Shroff has opened up about filming intimate and sexual scenes for his film ‘The Interview: Night of 26/11’.

Jackie Shroff on shooting 'Embarrassing' Sex Scenes f

“So many people watching you"

Bollywood star Jackie Shroff has opened up about the embarrassment he felt while filming intimate scenes for his new movie.

Shroff recently starred in The Interview: Night of 26/11, where he took on the role of a war journalist.

In his role, Shroff is asked to interview a Bollywood star, and discovers more about her than he bargained for.

According to the actor, he was “really embarrassed” to shoot the scenes, especially in front of so many people.

However, he is aware that it is part of the job as an actor to make your scenes convincing.

Speaking to Bollywood Hungama about shooting intimate scenes for The Interview, Jackie Shroff said:

“I was embarrassed, I was really embarrassed. I get flustered when I do these things.

“I’ve been doing them, that’s why I’m an actor.

“So many people watching you on the camera with an unblinking eye, the director watching you, the assistant watching you, people from crew and the entire world watch you and it is very embarrassing.

“But you have to do it as it’s a job.

“If the role requires that, you must do it and I have to look convincing.”

Jackie Shroff believes shooting “embarrassing” scenes is part of the job as an actor, and he has been pushed out of his comfort zone before.

According to Shroff, he had similar feelings about Radhe.

He said: “Even during Radhe, when I got offered the role, I said why not.

“I saw Prabhu Deva. He’s an actor, director, writer, dance director and a good editor.

“So, I thought it would be easy for me, I just have to understand what he wants me to do because he’s casting me and I didn’t say give me a role.

“They gave me [the role], so they must have thought about it.”

“So, I said let him handle it and so I just went like a little water out there or a canvas and thought let them paint on me what they want.

“The same thing I did here.”

Jackie Shroff is a prominent figure in the Bollywood industry, much like his son Tiger.

However, his daughter Krishna has confirmed that she will not be making an appearance in Bollywood.

According to Krishna Shroff, acting does not give her the same adrenaline rush that exercising gives her.

However, Shroff did recently reveal that she would only ever debut in Bollywood if her brother Tiger starred alongside her.

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