Kriti Sanon reveals ‘Rude’ Choreographer screamed at Her

Kriti Sanon recalled her modelling days and revealed that a “rude” choreographer once screamed at her in front of the other models.

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"Whenever someone scolds me, I can just start crying"

Kriti Sanon revealed that a “rude” choreographer publicly reprimanded her after she made a mistake in her first ramp work during her modelling days.

Before being an actress, Kriti was an engineering student. She then briefly worked as a model.

Being tall, Kriti believed she fit the criteria and decided to “do it as a time pass”.

However. her first ramp show did not go well as she recalled:

“When I did my first ramp show, I remember I messed up somewhere in the choreography and the choreographer was very rude to me.

“She screamed at me in front of some 20 models at the end of the show.

“Whenever someone scolds me, I can just start crying like this.”

Kriti went on to reveal that afterwards, she cried to her mother.

“So, I remember sitting in an auto and the moment I sat, I started crying.

“I went back home and I cried to my mother.

“My mother was like, ‘I don’t know if this profession is for you. I don’t. You need to be emotionally way stronger, you need to be a thick-skinned person and you need to be a lot more confident than you are’.

“And I think confidence is something that I gained with time.”

She has since gone on to have a successful Bollywood career, however, Kriti has said that she is “not satisfied” with her journey.

Kriti Sanon explained: “I think my journey has been very fruitful and I believe that your journey should have an upward curve and a graph it shouldn’t go stagnant at any point.

“There should be something that you are constantly learning and growing and I am not from a film background and I didn’t think of becoming an actor for the longest time.

“I am an engineer, who happened to find her luck in acting and found what she is meant to do.

“With Dimpy (her character in Heropanti), I was still finding my way and mark I have always been a thinker so I tend to think and question a lot. I want to learn.

“I want to become better than what I am already doing and that has always been a driving force for me.”

“I am just happy to see that I have grown. I have learned a lot more about my craft. I know a lot more emotions and acting as a process of a craft of mine.

“I am not satisfied with where I am, I am sure that there is still a lot more inside me to discover.

“So, that is what is exciting.”

Kriti Sanon was last seen in Mimi, in which she played a woman who becomes a surrogate mother for an American couple.

However, she ends up raising the child when the couple changes their mind.

Other projects that Kriti has lined up include Bachchan PandeyBhediya and Adipurush.

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