Kriti Sanon extends Support to Domestic Violence Victims

Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has taken to Instagram to share the plight of domestic violence victims in India and extended her support.

Kriti Sanon

"It is extremely important for us to eliminate this issue."

In light of the increasing domestic violence cases in India amid the pandemic, Kriti Sanon extended her support to the victims.

The Bollywood actress urged for a change in the Indian community.

She took to Instagram on November 23, 2020, and posted a video appealing to victims of domestic violence.

Kriti urged victims of domestic violence to bravely come forward and speak out against their abusers.

She also encouraged others who may know a victim to come forward.

Kriti Sanon said: “While we have been in the midst of this pandemic, the rate of harassment and gender-based violence has been increasing and is worrisome.

“There are two obstacles. First, there is a lack of awareness and second under-reporting of cases.

“It is extremely important for us to eliminate this issue.”

This is not the first time that the Bollywood actress has brought up the topic of domestic violence.

In April 2020, Kriti Sanon amazed fans with her poetic musings. She shared a poem she had written back in her school days titled ‘Abused’.

The poem was written by the star when she was in the 11th standard and talks about something that she really feels strongly about.

Bringing to spotlight the alarming cases of domestic violence across India during the lockdown.

The poem comes out as a conversation starter about the elephant in the room in every Indian household. It is inspiring women to not be victims of domestic violence anymore.

While sharing the same on her Instagram handle, Kriti has urged everyone to raise their voices against this brutal practice and make a difference.

However, she wishes to change the end of her poem since it shows the victim in a helpless situation.

Kriti Sanon instead makes the readers believe that we all have control over our lives.

Especially aiming at women, Kriti gives an important message in the video saying:

“Don’t go through it. Stand up for yourself, don’t just survive. Your life will change only if you want it to, so please report.”

A mainstream Bollywood actress coming out so strongly to put a spotlight on such an important and existential issue of Indian society is a wake-up call.

On a professional front, the path-breaking actress will next be seen in film Mimi which deals with the stigma around surrogacy.

Akanksha is a media graduate, currently pursuing a postgraduate in Journalism. Her passions include current affairs and trends, TV and films, as well as travelling. Her life motto is 'Better an oops than a what if'.

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