Sahir Lodhi’s ‘Obsessive Perfume Use’ raises Eyebrows

A video of Sahir Lodhi’s unusual perfume routine raised eyebrows, with many questioning the necessity of it.

Sahir Lodhi's 'Obsessive Perfume Use' raises Eyebrows f

"Each to their own, I suppose!”

The internet had a lot to say about Sahir Lodhi’s apparent perfume obsession. The comments were filled with trolls and critics.

Sahir is making a comeback with a new show on Bol Entertainment.

The channel recently shared behind-the-scenes footage to generate excitement among the audience.

In the clip, Sahir Lodhi was seen preparing to go live, and his unusual perfume routine has sparked a lot of discussion.

In the video, he was seen engaging in a rather unusual and extravagant perfume application ritual.

He liberally sprayed three fragrances on himself, covering his entire body, neck and even the area behind his neck.

The perfumes, which appeared to be high-end brands, were sprayed in a sequence, each one being applied at the same spots, almost as if he was following a carefully choreographed routine.

While it is clear he appreciates good fragrances, some viewers have expressed surprise at the excessive amount he uses.

A user commented: “Just watched the BTS of Sahir Lodhi’s new show, and I’m a bit taken aback by the amount of perfume he’s using.

“Each to their own, I suppose!”

Another wrote: “Sahir Lodhi loves perfumes, that’s for sure! Not sure if using three at once is necessary, though.”

Mocking him, one person said: “My friend when he didn’t have a shower for more than a month.”

One user questioned Sahir’s hygiene and said:

“How much does he stink that he has to put on so much cologne? My goodness!”

Sahir Lodhi has been a household name in Pakistan for his hosting skills.

He has worked on various TV shows, including morning shows, late-night shows and Ramadan transmissions.


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His comparisons to Shah Rukh Khan and memes about his film Raasta have made him a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.

One netizen said: “Sahir Lodhi is known for his enthusiasm, but this perfume routine might be a bit too much. Still looking forward to his new show.”

Another remarked: “I’ve never seen anyone use so much perfume at once!”

One trolled:

“Karachi has a water shortage. I don’t blame the man. He probably hasn’t showered in ages.”

Another joked: “People before showers were invented.”

One suggested: “A person should cleanse themselves from within. Only then one can have a pleasant smell.”

Another questioned: “What is the purpose of so much perfume, we are only going to see him through a TV screen.”

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