Why Yumna Zaidi was Humayun Saeed’s top pick for ‘Gentleman’

Humayun Saeed showered praise on his ‘Gentleman’ co-star Yumna Zaidi and explained why she was the ideal lead star.

Why Yumna Zaidi was Humayun Saeed's top pick for 'Gentleman' f

"My whole experience with her has been amazing.”

Humayun Saeed has revealed why Yumna Zaidi was the ideal lead star for Gentleman.

In an interview with YouTuber Ambreen Fatima, Humayun Saeed discussed his character in Gentleman.

He also showered praise on his co-star’s professional attitude.

When asked about Yumna Zaidi, Humayun Saeed stated:

“Yumna Zaidi is a talented actress, and her acting skills are widely admired by fans.

“I, too, am a fan of her work. From the outset, I knew that the character of a journalist in Gentleman was tailor-made for Yumna Zaidi.”

Humayun Saeed revealed that when the makers initially offered the role to Yumna Zaidi, she expressed concerns about her suitability for the character.

He reassured her, saying: “‘The character was written specifically with you in mind’. I encouraged her to read the script, and after doing so, she agreed to take on the role.

“She said that it was a challenge for her and the scenes were written very well. My whole experience with her has been amazing.”

Humayun Saeed also commended Yumna Zaidi’s dedication to her craft, saying:

“Yumna Zaidi is a brilliant actress who focuses solely on her scenes, rather than indulging in makeup and other activities.

“I, too, share this approach, and it’s refreshing to work with like-minded professionals in Pakistan.”

Gentleman is shaping up to be another success, thanks to the remarkable acting skills and Humayun’s chemistry with co-star Yumna.

With Gentleman continuing to captivate audiences, fans expect more exceptional performances from Humayun Saeed and Yumna Zaidi in the episodes to come.

A viewer wrote: “How cute Humayun showing love for Yumna. They are the most romantic couple right now.”

Another added: “Superb Drama! We love Yumna’s versatility and Huyamun’s acting skills. Love from India.”

One said:

“His personality is so charming and the way he praises Yumna is so wholesome.”

“Already loved the drama, excited to see the next episodes.”

A user noted: “Yumna is indeed very humble and kind. She is also careful with men. She is never frank and never hugs them like the other actresses.”

One stated: “Yumna is perfect for the role. Humayun has a great eye for talent.”

Gentleman has already garnered a massive following, with the first episode alone receiving over 4 million views.

Fans have praised Humayun Saeed’s exceptional acting skills, and the drama’s success can be attributed to his phenomenal performance.

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