Yumna Zaidi falls from Stairs during ‘Gentleman’ Shooting

Yumna Zaidi fell down the stairs on the set of ‘Gentleman’. The actress shared the video on her Instagram, concerning fans.

Yumna Zaidi falls from Stairs during 'Gentleman' Shooting - f

“My God, your whole foot got twisted.”

Yumna Zaidi shared a behind-the-scenes from the Gentleman set, in which she could be seen falling down the stairs.

The talented actress is currently generating significant attention for her latest drama serial, Gentleman.

In that, she portrays the character of Zarnab, a journalist.

The pairing of Yumna Zaidi and Humayun Saeed in Gentleman has received widespread acclaim.

Following the airing of the first episode on Green Entertainment, the cast of Gentleman is receiving an overwhelmingly positive response.

Amidst the buzz surrounding the drama serial, Yumna Zaidi shared a behind-the-scenes video on social media.

The video showcased a frightening incident during the shooting of Gentleman.

The video depicts Yumna Zaidi walking down a flight of steep stairs.

On the second step, her foot missed the stairs and she fell down the staircase in the studio, prompting concern among her fans.

The post was captioned: “Watch till the fall… during GENTLEMAN Reel vs BTS.”

Yumna Zaidi further explained: “Power of ‘Sadqa.’ The recent video, which looks so scary, was definitely embarrassing but wasn’t painful.

“I had a mini scratch at the corner of my nail, otherwise I was all ok. That’s why I was able to complete that scene. Thank God.”

Despite her reassurance, fans remain worried about her well-being after witnessing the video.

Several fans expressed their concern, noting that the stairs appeared dangerous in the promo as well.

They wondered about the potential risks and retakes involved in filming such a scene.

A user noted: “The stairs are faulty in their design.”


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A post shared by Yumna Zaidi (@yumnazaidiofficial)

Another suggested: “This is why you should always watch your step.”

Many fans extended their prayers to Yumna Zaidi for her safety during the filming process. Some fans were visibly shaken by the video.

One said: “My God, your whole foot got twisted.”

Another wrote: “Ouch! That looks very painful.”

One commented: “Oh my! I swear when I was watching the episode, I thought that she could easily fall down those stairs. It looks very dangerous.”

Nadia Hussain wrote: “Haye Allah, That’s a bad fall.”

Many others, including Maliha Rehman and other celebrities, sent their best wishes to the actress.

One said: “Take care of yourself and stay safe. Shooting is not more important than your well-being.”

Another wrote: “Good of you to give your Sadqa. With the success you are achieving, you are sure to be a victim of evil eyes. Be careful.”

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