Nadia Afgan questions ‘Overrated’ Yumna Zaidi’s Fame

On a talk show, Nadia Afgan questioned Yumna Zaidi’s stardom and said the ‘Tere Bin’ actress was “overrated”.

Nadia Afgan questions 'Overrated' Yumna Zaidi's Fame f

“I hate these misogynistic types of dramas."

Nadia Afgan fired a jibe at Yumna Zaidi, questioning her stardom and calling her “overrated”.

Yumna Zaidi has seen a quick rise to stardom following her portrayal of Meerub in the popular show Tere Bin.

While fans love the actress, Nadia is seemingly not too keen.

On the talk show Chocolate Times, Nadia stated that among the pool of young actors, Yumna Zaidi was the most overrated.

She went on to say that the latest dramas promoted toxicity and that they should be taken off screens due to romanticising stalker behaviour.

Nadia Afgan gained immense popularity for her role as Shahana (Shanno) in Suno Chanda, which quickly became a cult classic.

Speaking about the role, Nadia said:

“I was sceptical when I was first offered the role of the mother-in-law in Suno Chanda but Aehsun Talish pushed me to do it.

“It was not a matter of playing a saas or a mother, it was a matter of whether I’d be able to pull off the Punjabi character.”

Nadia Afgan revealed that she had a very large fan following in India and that they often sent her supportive messages asking her to continue playing good roles in her projects.

Answering many questions during her stint on the talk show, Nadia was then asked which drama she would ban if she had the authority to do so.

Nadia commented that drama was a form of art, and art should not be banned, but she did not watch many dramas anyway.

She went on to say that misogynistic dramas should not be aired, stating:

“I hate these misogynistic types of dramas. There was a Danish Taimoor one, a very Kabir Singh type of drama.

“The ones in which they show male figures beating up people and that kind of love. This type of love is bakwas (rubbish)!

“They’re putting this in people’s minds, or kid’s minds, that you should chase after someone or turn up with guns.

“I would ban any drama like that, it’s wrong.”

Nadia Afgan was referring to the drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi in which Danish Taimoor plays the role of an obsessed lover who will go to any length in order to win the affection of his love interest.

She expressed the importance of an individual having the power to say no and that this should be shown in dramas.

Nadia added: “If a girl is saying something, or for that matter, even if a boy is saying no girls also chase after men, you should also understand what they’re saying.

“There’s no need to become overly passionate.”

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