Ibiza Weekender’s Tasha Kiran ‘Tempted’ to join OnlyFans

Ibiza Weekender star Tasha Kiran has revealed she has been tempted by a few racy prospects, including OnlyFans.

"The money that you can make on that is ridiculous."

Tasha Kiran, who achieved fame on ITV2’s Ibiza Weekender, opened up about her future prospects and revealed she has been tempted by a few racy ones.

The 28-year-old explained that she has been “tempted” to join OnlyFans.

On whether she would be up for selling her racy pictures on the platform, Tasha said:

“Listen, if I’m ever homeless and I need to then, yeah, I’ll be hitting OnlyFans, but not as of yet…

“Honestly, I am tempted.

“The money that you can make on that is ridiculous. So one day I probably will take it on.

“But I’m hoping that I won’t be strapped for cash.

“I would do a digital one so I wouldn’t have to see them and just do it over the phone.”

The reality star then revealed how far she would go with her potential future financial aid.

She continued: “I’ll send them a t** pic, but that’s it.

“Listen, my t**s are on Google so I’m not arsed about who sees them.”

Tasha also revealed that she would not mind having a sugar daddy to fund her travel-filled lifestyle.

Ibiza Weekender's Tasha Kiran 'Tempted' to join OnlyFans

She admitted that a topless picture of her was once leaked online after she sold some explicit photos.

Tasha said that she “needed the money” at the time.

She recalled: “Once upon a time, I sold a t** pic and it ended up on a forum and a lot of people have seen it.

“I don’t really care. It’s just a pair of boobs, isn’t it?

“Listen, I needed the money at the time, so it is what it is.”

The holiday rep, who has been part of the reality show since 2019, is very open about her sex life and previously, she confessed to bedding more than one fan and revealed why she prefers it.

When asked if she had ever slept with a fan, Tasha Kiran said:

“I have yeah, I’ll be honest… To be even more honest, I’ve slept with a few.

“Do you know what? I love it because they’re so much more obsessed with you and that’s what I like.

“They’ve watched me and have seen all the bad bits and still love me so I’m all for it.”

Despite being heartbroken over the recent axe of Ibiza Weekender, Tasha is hopeful that the show will return one day.

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