Yashma Gill faces backlash for Fangirling over ‘Heeramandi’ actor

Yashma Gill recently uploaded a story appreciating the ‘Heeramandi’ actor, Taha Shah. However, her followers were not too happy about it.

Yashma Gill faces backlash for Fangirling over 'Heeramandi' actor - f

"Yashma, where is your self-respect?"

Yashma Gill, a prominent Pakistani actress, recently faced a significant backlash on social media.

This was after she shared her enthusiastic response to receiving a message from Taha Shah.

Taha is an Indian actor who gained recognition for his role as Tajdar in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s web series Heeramandi.

Taha Shah’s performance in the series was widely appreciated, and Yashma Gill was among those who praised his work.

In response, Taha Shah thanked Yashma Gill and sent her love from across the border. This sparked a lively reaction from the Pakistani actress.

Taha wrote in the chat: “Thanks, dude. Lots of love from this side of the border.”

Yashma Gill shared the messages on her social media stories, showcasing her excitement and admiration for the Indian actor.

Yasha wrote: “He messaged me! I’m sorry if I’m being extra but I really want to enjoy this purely as a fan moment.”

This reaction was met with a mixed response from the online community.

While some fans appreciated her genuine enthusiasm, many others found her response excessive and unbecoming of a senior actress.

The criticism stemmed from the perception that Yashma Gill is a more established actress.

Her fans think that she should not have been so effusive in her response to a relatively junior actor.

A user wrote: “I already knew that Yashma Gill is so cheap. This isn’t a surprise.”

Another added: “Keep dreaming, Yashma. You are not getting work in Bollywood.”

One questioned: “I don’t know why our actresses are so obsessed with Indian celebrities.”

Another stated: “They’re always so proud and arrogant with Pakistanis, while they worship Indians. How strange.”

One asked: “Yashma, where is your self-respect?”

Another claimed: “Now he must be regretting it. He would not have expected Yashma to be cheap enough to upload their private chat.”

One commented: “Need this kind of confidence.

“In Pakistan, she never gets any lead roles. And now, she is looking to work in India.”

Despite the criticism, Yashma Gill remains unapologetic about her reaction, and her fans continue to support her enthusiasm.

One of them said: “Established actresses can also be fans themselves and express their admiration without pretences. What is the big deal? She’s just a girl.”

Another questioned: “Can’t she show genuine appreciation for another artist’s work?”

Another added: “So what? She’s a human too, she also can have her likes and dislikes.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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