Hania Aamir visits Yashma Gill at Hospital

Yashma Gill shared glimpses of her time at the hospital following her surgery. Hania Aamir could be seen tending to her throughout.

Hania Aamir visits Yashma Gill at Hospital f

“I wish I had a friend like Hania.”

Photos and videos of Hania Aamir tending to Yashma Gill at the hospital recently went viral.

Yashma had previously undergone surgery, prompting an outpouring of support from her friends.

Throughout her recovery period, Hania Aamir remained by her side, providing unwavering care and support.

Yashma expressed her gratitude for her friend’s support by sharing moments from her hospital stay.

They showcased the strength of their bond and the value of their friendship.

She posted clips from the hospital, showing the two actresses side by side.

The post was captioned: “I know I’m posting this super late, but the appreciation is long overdue. I was waiting to fully recover.

“I cannot begin to express how much your help and prayers made my worst times so much easier.

“You beautiful souls, inside and out, I can never thank you enough. In memory of being my most annoying self for you all.

“And to the one who stayed overnight and looked after me tirelessly, YOU ARE MY SISTER Hania Aamir.”

She also mentioned a few more friends who had visited her.

Fans were delighted to see Hania Aamir feeding Yashma by hand in the clips, appreciating her caring gesture.

One of the photos even showed the pair sleeping side by side in the hospital bed.

A user wrote: “Hania is so kind and soft.”

Another added: “I wish I had a friend like Hania.”

In another video, Hania was seen slicing fruits for Yashma.

Fans were delighted by these heart-warming moments, praising Hania for her compassion and empathy.

The touching display of friendship between Yashma and Hania resonated with many.

It brought well-wishes for the young star and affirmed the importance of genuine friendships in navigating life’s trials and tribulations.

Hania Aamir visits Yashma Gill at Hospital

One wrote: “So adorable.”

Another said: “Hania Aamir has my heart for this.”

One said: “Hania is a gem for a reason.”

Another commented:

“May they always be such good friends.”

One remarked: “They both are so cute. More like sisters rather than friends.”

Another asked: “What more can a person want when one is blessed with such good and genuine friends?”

Among Yashma Gill’s close companions, Hania Aamir holds a special place.

The two are often spotted together, enjoying each other’s company and creating cherished memories.

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