Has Ahmed Ali Akbar confirmed Marriage Plans with Yumna Zaidi?

Rumours are flying that Ahmed Ali Akbar and Yumna Zaidi are set to get married. The actor has now addressed the rumours.

Has Ahmed Ali Akbar confirmed Marriage Plans with Yumna Zaidi f

“I have received many phone calls from people congratulating me"

Ahmed Ali Akbar has addressed rumours that he is marrying fellow actress Yumna Zaidi.

He appeared on The Ayaz Samoo Show and reacted to the belief that he was in a relationship with Yumna.

Ahmed was asked which actress he did not mind being rumoured to have married and he quickly replied with Yumna’s name.

He went on to say that there were many rumours that he was due to get married to Yumna and one more rumour would not be harmful.

Shedding light on the speculation, Ahmed revealed that he had received multiple calls from people who wanted to congratulate him, believing that he had married Yumna.

However, Ahmed insisted that the news was false.

Ahmed stated: “I have received many phone calls from people congratulating me on my marriage with Yumna.

“The first time I kept listening for a couple of minutes before I stopped the person and told them they watched too much YouTube.

“YouTubers put together videos of me from another wedding, some other drama, I don’t even look the same across the videos.

“They pieced them together and shared videos of my wedding events. I even have kids!”

Although any news of their union has been quashed, Ahmed and Yumna’s on-screen chemistry has been a topic of conversation between fans and many have suggested for the pair to consider getting together.

The actors were first seen together in the 2017 drama Yeh Raha Dil.

Yumna played Hayat, an energetic carefree character who dreamt of writing a book and finds herself in a predicament when her house is illegally taken away from her.

Ahmed played Zaki, an aspiring chef who wishes to marry his model girlfriend Nida.

The drama progresses when Zaki’s father says he is not in favour of his son’s marriage plans, causing him to take a solo trip to Nepal, where he meets Hayat.

After several hilarious situations force the pair together, the two develop feelings for one another and a curveball is thrown in when Hayat realises she and Nida are stepsisters.

In 2021, the pair were seen together once again in the highly popular drama serial Parizaad.

Ahmed Ali Akbar played an individual who grew up with a lack of confidence because he was mocked for his dark complexion.

He vows to make a life for himself and prove to everyone that he is worth something.

Ahmed won the Best Actor Award for his titular role and the serial won the Best Drama Award at the HUM TV Awards.

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