Pakistani Man beaten by Locals after Trying to Meet Married Lover

A Pakistani man’s attempted tryst with his married lover backfired as locals beat him. Footage of the incident went viral.

Pakistani Man beaten by Locals after Trying to Meet Married Lover f

"This will double his pain."

A bizarre incident went viral as a Pakistani man was beaten when he tried to meet his married lover.

Although it is not known where in Pakistan the incident took place, it is reported that the unnamed man turned up at his lover’s house.

However, locals found out about the man’s attempted tryst and took matters into their own hands.

Footage showed the man pushing through a crowd in a bid to escape.

As he runs through a busy street, several men are seen chasing him and shouting. Meanwhile, motorists watch the incident unfold.

The man runs to the side of the road and is surrounded by the group of locals.

He pleads with the men but they are not having any of it and grab him.

A crowd gathers while an elderly man slaps him. Another man hits him before taking him to face further punishment from the locals.

However, the Pakistani man is able to free himself and flee.

The video ends with the man running down the street and a few locals continuing to pursue him.

On social media, many netizens found the incident hilarious.

One said: “This will double his pain.”

Claiming the same thing happened with a friend, another wrote:

“The same thing happened with my friend.”

A third joked:

“Why do Pakistan people always have a different type of shenanigan? What different food are these people having?”

One comment read: “This is just too hilarious.

“I don’t know whether it’s commonly true or not, but the fact that they actually choose to run behind him is too funny.”

Others criticised the Pakistani man for having an affair with a married woman.

One user wondered: “Why did people take such risks for people who are married to others?

“The man was surely in the wrong but then the crowd was also not correct to beat him up like that.”

Some even hit out at the crowd for taking matters into their own hands.

Cases involving affairs taking a turn are fairly common in Pakistan.

In August 2020, a wife was arrested it was discovered that she murdered her husband. The woman’s lover and two daughters were also arrested for their roles in the killing.

The incident happened in the village of Burhan, in the Attock district of Punjab.

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