Is Reckless Driving an Issue for Young Asian Drivers?

The horrific collision on Birmingham’s Soho Road has sparked a discussion on whether reckless driving is an issue for young Asian drivers.

Is Reckless Driving an Issue for Young Asian Drivers 2

"I hate this Asian culture of speeding recklessly."

The crash on Birmingham’s Soho Road has raised questions over whether reckless driving is an issue for young Asian drivers or not.

On February 18, 2024, CCTV footage showed several stationary cars on the busy road.

Suddenly, an Audi is seen coming into view at speed with no signs of slowing down as it smashes into the vehicles.

A passenger in one of the stationary vehicles died at the scene and was later identified as Hizar Hanif.

Two others were hurt, one seriously.

The 25-year-old Audi driver was injured and taken to hospital. He was later arrested and charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said:

“We’ve made an arrest after a man has sadly died following a collision in Soho Road, Birmingham, last night.

“An Audi hit a number of vehicles at around 8.20 pm. A passenger in a stationary vehicle, aged in his 30s, sustained serious injuries and tragically died.

“Two other people were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries.

“We’ve secured some CCTV and dash cam footage but remain keen to hear from anyone with information who can assist our investigation.”

It is not known if the driver had been intoxicated but there is speculation that the man was showing off as a clip before the crash appeared to show the man filming himself speeding down the motorway.

With reports of the Audi driver being an Asian male, the harrowing incident has sparked a debate over whether reckless driving is an issue for young Asian men.

Past Incidents

Is Reckless Driving an Issue for Young Asian Drivers

Over the years, there have been numerous cases of young Asian men being the perpetrators of dangerous driving incidents.

A study by A-Plan Insurance examined GOV.UK driving licence data to reveal the top four areas with the highest percentage of dangerous driving offenders are in West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire has a large Asian demographic, with the 2021 Census revealing that 15.9% of the population are Asian or Asian British.

For example, Bradford man Saif Ahmed was jailed for 22 months after leading police on a 20-minute chase in a stolen car that reached speeds of up to 90mph.

Even though he did not have a licence, Ahmed claimed that he was “one of the best drivers in BD9”.

Ahmed went through several red lights and junctions, went around blind bends on the wrong side of the road and over traffic calming measures at high speed.

He stole a Fiesta from a home in Bingley two days before the pursuit.

But reckless driving among Asian men is not just happening in West Yorkshire.

A high-profile case in September 2023 saw two feuding boy racers kill a 16-year-old girl in Oldham.

Alisha Goup was on her way to Oldham Sixth Form College in Greater Manchester when she was hit by Omar Choudhury’s BMW.

Choudhury was being chased by another BMW driven by Hamidur Rahman, a member of his extended family, whom he had “beef” with.

Prosecutors said Rahman blamed Choudhury for informing his family about his relationship with a woman, which her family “disapproved” of.

The pair met by chance on February 23, 2023, and things soon turned violent.

Rahman brandished a baseball bat before Choudhury set off “like a rocket”, with Rahman in pursuit.

Witnesses thought the men were “racing”, with one man saying they were “going to kill someone driving like that”.

Both men each received 14-year prison sentences and were banned from driving for 12 years.

Although there are dangerous driving incidents involving white men, the prevalence of such cases involving Asians highlights a clear trend.

Boy Racers & Showing Off

Is Reckless Driving an Issue for Young Asian Drivers f

The Soho Road crash has sparked a discussion over the wider issue of reckless driving and whether it correlates with Asian men.

Although the incident is shocking, it is an extreme case of speeding – a common occurrence on busy Birmingham roads.

Raj, who lives near Soho Road, said:

“I live near Soho Road and I’m fed up with the reckless drivers who use it as a racetrack.

“They endanger the lives of innocent people and cause chaos and damage.”

“The authorities need to do something to stop them. They have to enforce more speed limits and speed bumps and take other preventive measures. They need to make Soho Road safer for everyone.”

Boy racers are showing off has been a longstanding issue, with police in Blackburn launching the Kick Start Safe Driving Project in 2006 in a bid to break the fatal trend.

Although high-speed driving was an issue for all young people, police at the time said Asian youths were a particular problem because of their desire to drive high-powered cars.

Research showed that ethnic minorities were also three times more likely to be injured in an accident than white people.

Is it an Asian Problem?

The initiative was launched in 2006, however, it seems it was to no avail as reckless driving incidents arise each day.

For example, a new viral video shows a driver speeding over a roundabout in Birmingham, briefly leaving the ground.

But is it an Asian problem?

Some members of the South Asian community believed the two were linked.

Claiming that reckless driving is just one aspect of predominantly South Asian areas, Muhammad said:

“As a South Asian myself, I can say the vast majority of predominantly South Asian areas are filled with the most inconsiderate people by far.

“From inconsiderate driving to rubbish and littering everywhere and disgusting mannerisms.”

Pooja stated: “That Soho Road accident is so sad. One person is dead and I hope the driver gets life in prison for such reckless driving.

“This senseless speeding needs to stop.

“If you wish to speed like you’re in Fast and Furious, pay to use a private track.”

Zahra explained: “I can’t get over the Soho Road footage.

“Why did the other five cars have to suffer the consequences of that one idiot?

“I hate this Asian culture of speeding recklessly.”

On whether reckless driving is associated with young Asian men, Farah said:

“The fact of the matter is that Soho Road, along with other roads in Birmingham, are known for speeding and it is Asian men.”

Some even stated that reckless driving was a Pakistani problem, not generally a South Asian one.

Student Ajay said: “Pakistani men are flaunting their flashy cars.

“Their parents may tolerate it but others should not.

“Their reckless behaviour as wannabe road-mans must end before tragedy occurs again. The awful scenes at Soho Road should be a lesson.”

Krish added:

“Pakistani heritage young men holding drag races down Soho Road is a regular occurrence.”

However, others felt the issue was not solely associated with the Asian community, with Neha saying:

“One tragic incident happens and everyone is talking about how bad South Asians are.

“You do realise there are bad people in every nationality and race?”

Meanwhile, Bilal dismissed the claims that Pakistani men are the main offenders of reckless driving.

Speaking about the Soho Road incident and believing the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he said:

“Soho Road is not a Pakistani area. It’s predominantly Indian and Romanian.

“Ladypool Road and Alum Rock is 100% but this hasn’t got anything to do with ethnicity, this has to do with being under the influence and speeding on a road that everyone knows is busy.”

The Soho Road incident has garnered a debate over the wider issue of reckless driving and the possible link to young Asian men.

While some feel the two factors are linked, others believe it is more so about speeding and not related to ethnicity.

Nevertheless, the Soho Road incident is a tragic one caused by someone driving recklessly without considering others.

Do you think reckless driving is an issue for young Asian men?

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