Delivery Driver fatally struck in Head with Axe in ‘Inside Job’

A court heard that a delivery driver who died after being hit in the head with an axe by an armed gang was the victim of an “inside job”.

Delivery Driver fatally struck in Head with Axe in 'Inside Job' f

"He was chopped in the head three times with the axe"

A court heard that a delivery driver who died after being attacked by an armed gang was targeted following an “inside job by one of his colleagues”.

Aurman Singh was battered with a golf club and stabbed in the back during the attack on August 21, 2023, in Shrewsbury.

But his death was caused by an axe through his head.

Arshdeep Singh, Shivdeep Singh, Manjot Singh, Jagdeep Singh and Sukhmandeep Singh are on trial accused of murder.

Stafford Crown Court heard the defendants knew where the victim was going to be due to “inside man” Sukhmandeep Singh, who was allegedly the getaway driver.

Sukhmandeep and Aurman worked at the same DPD depot and he used the delivery company’s computer to trace the victim’s route that day.

Simon Denison KC, prosecuting, said Aurman was part of a two-man crew doing their rounds when he was attacked by the gang, who were in two cars.

He said: “They had pulled up in their van, and his colleague was out of the van taking the package to the address.

“Aurman Singh was in the front passenger seat.

“Unknown to them, eight men in two cars, a grey Audi and a white Mercedes had been waiting for them just down the road, and they had followed the DPD van along Berwick Avenue.

“Each of them was concealing his face with a mask, and each of them was carrying a weapon.

“Between them, they had an axe, a golf club, a wooden stave, a metal club, a hockey stick, a shovel, a cricket bat, and a knife. Their target was Aurman Singh.”

The delivery driver tried to flee but “didn’t stand a chance against those numbers and those weapons”.

Mr Denison said: “He was chopped in the head three times with the axe, blows which fractured his skull.

“He was clubbed over the head with the golf club with such force that the head of the club broke off and the shaft was bent.

“He was hit with other weapons including the hockey stick and the wooden stave.

“He was stabbed in the back with such force that the knife cut through one of his ribs.”

The attack “intended to kill” and the delivery driver was pronounced dead at the scene at 1:44 pm.

His attackers ran back to the two cars but the four men in the Audi were apprehended shortly afterwards by police.

The men were traced to a cul-de-sac in Tipton, West Midlands after being followed by an unmarked police car and a police helicopter.

Mr Denison added: “But the four men in the Mercedes were still at large following the attack.

“The four men in the Mercedes abandoned the car in Shrewsbury and made their way in pairs to Shrewsbury train station, from where they travelled to Wolverhampton, and then disappeared into the city.

“None of them has been arrested.”

Mr Denison told the jury how Sukhmandeep had worked at the same DPD depot in Stoke-on-Trent as Aurman.

He explained: “He was able to access the DPD computer system to see the route that Aurman Singh would follow that day, with the timings of the drop-offs that showed where he would be, and within what time slot – information that he also passed on.

“Which is what they did.

“And when Aurman Singh and his colleague arrived, together they attacked him and killed him, in broad daylight, in a normally quiet residential street in Shrewsbury.”

Police found a video on Jagdeep’s phone showing him sitting in the back of the Audi, holding the bloodstained axe while Manjot held a wooden stave.

Mr Denison added: “It isn’t necessary in order to prove murder to prove a motive, to prove why it happened.

“And in this case, the prosecution will not try to prove why it happened. We don’t have evidence to prove why it happened.

“What happened in Berwick Avenue, Shrewsbury, on August 21 was the planned and organised murder of Aurman Singh.

“The attack itself was carried out by the seven men who got out of the two cars there and attacked and killed him.”

“Three of those men were Arshdeep Singh, who wielded the golf club, Jagdeep Singh who wielded the axe, and Manjot Singh who wielded a wooden stave.

“They were assisted by Shivdeep Singh, who drove them there and drove them away again.

“And by Sukhmandeep Singh, the inside man who provided the information that they needed to be able to carry out the attack.”

Arshdeep Singh, Shivdeep Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Manjot Singh and Sukhmandeep Singh deny murder.

The trial continues.

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