How Ex-Amazon Delivery Driver became Millionaire

An Amazon delivery driver who quit his minimum wage job has become a millionaire less than two years later.

How Ex-Amazon Delivery Driver became Millionaire f

“It was an amazing realisation of what was possible"

A former Amazon delivery driver has become a millionaire less than two years after quitting his job.

Kaif Bhatty, of London, just about managed in school where teachers would allegedly “humiliate and belittle” him in front of his classmates.

After graduating from university in 2017, Kaif began working for Amazon, delivering parcels for up to 14 hours a day.

It left him feeling deflated and he dreaded working for the minimum wage his entire life.

Kaif took a risk by investing all his savings into cryptocurrency. He put £700 into an emerging coin called Verge and he never looked back.

It quickly increased to £30,000, earning him more money in a day than his Amazon job did in a year.

This spurred him to quit his Amazon job.

Kaif said: “I couldn’t believe it – I’d never had anywhere near that amount of money in my life before.

“It was an amazing realisation of what was possible and motivated me to explore further into crypto.

“I’ve never been interested in being rich for the sake of it but the for freedom it gives you. I decided then and there that I wanted more and set my mind to achieving it.”

Kaif’s income continued to increase.

Just months after quitting his job, he made £500,000 and another year later, Kaif became a millionaire.

Since becoming a millionaire, Kaif has moved to Dubai. He bought himself a £417,000 penthouse apartment and a Mercedes G-Wagon worth £209,000.

Initially, Kaif’s parents were hesitant about him quitting his job to pursue cryptocurrency but they changed their minds once he started making good money.

He explained: “When they saw the success I had, all those worries instantly evaporated.

“I’m able to enjoy the life I always dreamed of and can do things I could only imagine on my previous salary.”

“They’re incredibly proud of what I have achieved at such a young age and are equally proud that I haven’t let it go to my head because I am still the kind, caring person I have always been.”

He is focused on giving back to people from similar backgrounds. Kaif added:

“Going through what I have gone through at school has given me a lot of empathy but there are a lot of people have it much worse.

“I want to use my energy to help people with whom I can see similarities from my past.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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