Married Indian Woman visits Pakistan to meet Lover

A married Indian woman has travelled to Pakistan to visit a man whom she met and fell in love with on Facebook.

Married Indian Woman visits Pakistan to meet Lover f

"She left home saying she has to meet her friend."

According to police, a married Indian woman has travelled to Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to meet a man whom she fell in love with on Facebook.

Anju is a resident of Rajasthan.

The 34-year-old is now in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 29-year-old Nasrullah.

The pair befriended each other on Facebook and they reportedly fell in love.

Anju is spending a month in Pakistan and despite the reports, she has not visited the country to marry Nasrullah.

She was initially taken into police custody over suspicion she entered the country illegally. The Indian woman was released after her travel documents were verified.

One officer said: “She was allowed to go after all the travel documents were found to be in order.

“They were provided security to ensure no untoward incident takes place which can bring a bad name to the country.”

Rajasthani police turned up at Anju’s home to enquire about her.

Her husband Arvind said she left home on July 20, 2023, under the pretext of going to Jaipur. But he found out through media reports that Anju actually travelled to Pakistan.

Arvind said: “She left home saying she has to meet her friend. I talked to her on WhatsApp a few days ago and got to know that she was in Lahore.”

He added that he and Anju have been married since 2007 and they have two children.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Bhiwadi Sujit Shankar said:

“Anju’s husband said that she left home on Thursday. She had a valid passport.”

He added that her family have not filed a complaint.

Arvind revealed that his wife told her sister that she was in Pakistan. He said he will talk to Anju and ask her to return home, hopeful that she will do so.

He said her passport was issued in 2020 as she wanted to apply for a job abroad.

Arvind admitted he had no idea that his wife was speaking to someone on social media.

Superintendent of Police Iraj Raja said: “At the time of issuing of passport, a person has to mention his/her place of birth.

“Apart from the place of birth, everything pertains to Rajasthan.

“The passport was made in Delhi, and the Kailor village of Jalaun district has nothing to do with it.”

Anju was born in the village of Kailor, Uttar Pradesh, but has nothing to do with the village.

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