Indian Woman kills Lover who Married Another Woman

An Indian woman residing in Uttarakhand brutally murdered her lover after she discovered that he got married to another woman.

Indian Woman kills Lover who Married Another Woman f

Amreen and Radheshyam opened fire from a motorbike.

An Indian woman and her friend have been arrested for carrying out the brutal murder of her lover. The incident happened near Chanda Devi, Uttarakhand.

Following his death on January 2, 2020, police identified the victim as Nazim Khan.

It was revealed that his lover, Amreen, plotted to murder him after she found out that he married another woman.

Amreen and Nazim had been love and they both promised to marry each other. However, Nazim ended up getting married to a woman named Fauzia on November 27, 2019.

It was reported that Amreen had previously threatened to kill her boyfriend if he did not marry her.

During their relationship, Amreen had fallen pregnant but had an abortion. They continued to see each other.

But after his marriage, Nazim’s behaviour towards Amreen changed. She had noticed the change and confronted him at his clothing business.

The lovers had an argument which led to Nazim confessing that he had married another woman.

His admission enraged the Indian woman. She plotted to kill him and enlisted the help of her friend Radheshyam.

On the day of the killing, Nazim had opened his shop but soon left to work from home. On his way home, two people, believed to be Amreen and Radheshyam opened fire from a motorbike.

The gunfire instantly killed the young man. The suspects soon fled the scene.

At around 4 pm, Amreen phoned the victim’s brother Wajid and said that Nazim had been involved in an accident.

Nazim died by the time his family reached the hospital. They soon realised that he was murdered as they saw the gunshot wound. The police were subsequently called.

Family members told the police that Nazim did not have any issues with anyone in the area.

However, Wajid told officers that Amreen had called them about Nazim but said he did not know her.

During the investigation, officers found out that Amreen was the last person who saw Nazim alive and established that she was his lover.

Both Amreen and Radheshyam were arrested in Chanda Devi. The woman was found in possession of a knife.

Officers discovered that Amreen planned to slit her lover’s throat if he survived the initial attack.

Radheshyam confessed to his involvement in the murder.

During their search for Radheshyam, officers recovered a gun, empty cartridges, blood-stained clothes and the motorbike used in the killing.

Radheshyam told police that after the murder, he picked up a bag and went home. He changed into a clean set of clothes before going on the run.

Both suspects remain in custody while the investigation continues.

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