Indian Man argues with Sister-in-Law & Murders Nephew

An Indian man from Gujarat got into a heated argument with his sister-in-law. He ended up murdering his three-year-old nephew.

Indian Man argues with Sister-in-Law & Murders Nephew f

she instigated problems between him and his brother.

An Indian man was arrested for murdering his three-year-old nephew. The incident happened in the district of Panchmahal, Gujarat.

It was revealed that frequent arguments with his sister-in-law had led the man to take extreme action.

The man was identified as Dashrath Solanki. He lived with his elder brother Dinesh, sister-in-law Mayuri and their son Kuldeep in the city of Halol.

The murder came to light on December 31, 2019, when the toddler’s body was discovered in a water tank.

A post-mortem confirmed that Kuldeep died as a result of drowning.

The last rites were performed by the family, however, Dinesh grew suspicious after realising that his brother never returned home.

The police were subsequently called. Dinesh explained that his younger brother did not return home which led to a murder investigation being launched.

During the investigation, officers looked at the CCTV footage of the area.

It showed Dashrath carrying his nephew towards the factory where the murder took place. Factory employees also told police that they had seen the footage.

Police searched for Dashrath’s whereabouts and eventually found him. They then took the Indian man into custody.

During interrogation, Dashrath admitted to abducting and killing his young nephew.

Police officers found out that Dashrath did not get along with his sister-in-law and they would get into arguments.

Dashrath told officers that Mayuri did not give him proper food and refused to wash his clothes, which annoyed him. He also claimed that she instigated problems between him and his brother.

According to his allegations, the relationship between him and his brother had become strained.

On December 30, Dashrath had been playing music on his phone at a loud volume. Mayuri demanded that he turn the music off as it was disturbing her children.

Dashrath was angered by his sister-in-law’s request and began shouting at her. He also threatened her. He then believed he needed to teach her a lesson.

The next day, the family had to go out, leaving Kuldeep alone with his uncle.

Dashrath kidnapped his nephew and took him to a factory’s water tank where he drowned him.

He later went on the run. Meanwhile, when Dinesh found that his son was missing, he filed a police complaint.

Officers eventually found Kuldeep’s body inside the water tank.

The Times of India reported that following his arrest and confession on January 2, 2020, Dashrath was presented before a court. They stated that he would be remanded in custody for five days.

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