Indian Sister-in-Law hid Drugs in Private Parts to take to Jail

An Indian sister-in-law from Punjab concealed a large quantity of drugs in her private parts in order to take into prison.

Indian Sister-in-Law hid Drugs in Private Parts to take to Jail f

she hid a large quantity of drugs in her private parts.

Police arrested an Indian sister-in-law on Friday, January 17, 2020, after they discovered that she had attempted to smuggle drugs into prison by hiding them in her private parts.

The incident took place at Ferozepur Central Jail in the state of Punjab.

The concealed pills had been wrapped up. Police identified the smuggler as Sarabjit Singh from Habibwala village. She had been visiting her brother-in-law Harpreet Singh.

Police recovered the pills after thorough checks. Sarabjit was arrested and a case has been registered against her.

Prison officials explained that Sarabjit had visited the jail to see her brother-in-law, however, they did not know that she was carrying drugs.

As Sarabjit had concealed the drugs in her private parts, she managed to get past security guards.

But scanners showed that she was hiding something. Officials checked again but the scanner showed the same thing.

Sarabjit was then taken to an examination room and searched internally. An official had discovered that she hid a large number of drugs in her private parts.

It was revealed that the Indian sister-in-law had been carrying 175 pills.

Police arrested the drugs smuggler, however, investigations are ongoing to determine what the pills are.

Sarabjit tried to smuggle the drugs into prison in order to give to her brother-in-law. Harpreet would then supply the pills to the other inmates.

Officials stated that this was the second case of contraband, which had been seized within two days.

On January 16, two mobile phones and batteries were found in one of the cells.

Assistant Superintendent Jarnail Singh said that searches were being carried out in the Central Jail. During the search, police found two mobile phones and batteries.

Officials said that cases of smuggling drugs and mobile phones in Ferozepur Central Jail is not new.

They went on to say that there are numerous cases. One of the new ways of smuggling drugs and mobile phones is to have a family member conceal them when visiting a prisoner.

When seeing the prisoner, the family member would then hand over the contraband.

In one incident, police received information about the welding and grading machine possibly concealing something.

At the time the machine was being used by labour staff working in the high-security area of the prison. When officers searched the machine, they found a mobile phone and a stash of heroin.

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