Indian Youth found Headless with No Private Parts

In a horrific incident, the body of an Indian youth was found in a field in Uttar Pradesh with his head and private parts chopped off.

Indian Youth found Headless with No Private Parts f

the Indian youth had been strangled to death

A shocking incident has occurred in which the headless body of an Indian youth was found in a field in the village of Masika, Uttar Pradesh.

Not only was the victim found beheaded but the perpetrator also chopped off his private parts.

It was revealed that the 20-year-old vegetable seller was strangled to death during the night of November 9, 2019, before he was decapitated.

His body was found in a mustard field near a new railway line. Villagers discovered the body on Sunday morning and informed the police.

The victim was identified as Rahul while his parents were businessman Kewatan Basti and his wife Bitola Devi.

Shortly after the police arrived at the scene, the victim’s family arrived and managed to identify their son on the basis of his clothes.

The murder led to hundreds of people gathering around and demanding immediate action to be taken against those responsible.

However, officers initially refused to start an investigation.

Instead of sending the body for a post-mortem, officers searched for the victim’s missing head. The search went on for three hours but they were unsuccessful.

They also searched for two mobile phones and a bike, which had gone missing but have not found them.

Officers eventually sent the body for a post-mortem which confirmed the Indian youth had been strangled to death after small bruises were found around his neck.

His head and genitals were later cut off using a large knife, according to the post-mortem report.

It was revealed that Rahul set up a vegetable stall with his father.

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, at around 7 pm, Rahul returned home from the stall. At the time, his mother went upstairs.

He later took his bike and left the house. After realising that her son had gone, Bitola tried phoning Rahul but he did not answer.

The investigation revealed that his phone was switched off at 8:30 pm. His concerned parents went out looking for him to no avail.

The next morning, villagers discovered Rahul’s headless body lying in a field.

When the family arrived at the scene, they realised that the victim was their son.

A police team led by Superintendent Dipendra Nath Chaudhary registered a police case. SP Chaudhary confirmed that Rahul had been strangled before his head and private parts were cut off.

Police continue to search for the remaining body parts as well as the mobile phones and bike.

Officers suspect that the murder was committed as a method of intimidation towards his family.

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