Pakistani Cop has Body Parts Severed over Forced Affair

A Pakistani policeman had some of his body parts chopped off by a man who accused the cop of forcing his wife to have an affair with him.

Pakistani Cop has Body Parts Severed over Forced Affair f

the constable started blackmailing her

A Pakistani policeman’s nose, ears and lips were chopped off by a man who accused him of blackmailing his wife and forcing her to have an affair with him.

It was reported that Constable Qasim Hayat was subjected to severe torture.

The main accused, identified as Muhammad Iftikhar, and 12 accomplices then cut off his nose, ears and lips.

The incident happened on July 31, 2022, in the district of Jhang, which is around 200 kilometres from Lahore.

A police official said: “Iftikhar, who suspected Hayat of having relations with his wife, in connivance with 12 accomplices abducted him on his way back home and took him to a deserted place where they subjected him to severe torture before cutting off his body parts with a sharp-edged weapon.”

The constable was rushed to hospital where his condition is said to be critical.

On July 16, 2022, a case had been registered against Constable Hayat under sections 354 (assault on woman), 384 (extortion) and 292 (pornography) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Iftikhar claimed that the Pakistani policeman, who was also a neighbour, forced his wife to have illicit relations with him.

The constable also allegedly threatened to kill her son if she refused.

When she met Hayat in a bid to convince him to take back his threats, he forced her to have sex with him and also filmed the act.

It was alleged that the constable started blackmailing her, threatening to upload the explicit video online unless she gave him money.

According to the complaint, Hayat extorted a total of Rs. 150,000 (£515) on a number of occasions. He ended up sharing the explicit video on social media anyway.

When Iftikhar found out, he enlisted help from 12 others.

The group spotted the constable on his way home from work and abducted him.

They took him to an abandoned place and tortured him as a means of taking matters into their own hands.

The group eventually chopped off the constable’s nose, ears and lips.

After being taken to hospital, Hayat’s cousin Tahir Imran told police what had happened.

A case was registered against 13 people under sections 324,109,148 and 149 of the PPC.

Police said raids were being conducted to trace Iftikhar and his accomplices.

Masan Police SHO Mehr Zulfiqar said the cases against both parties will be investigated impartially.

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