Indian Cop lured Widowed Woman into Affair for Money

A case of exploitation occurred in which an Indian cop from Chhattisgarh lured a widowed woman into an affair before stealing her money.

Indian Cop lured Widowed Woman into Affair for Money f

the pair soon had a physical relationship.

A police case has been registered against an Indian cop after he lured a widowed woman into an affair for money.

The incident happened in the city of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

It was reported that the officer implicated the woman into his trap after claiming he was divorced when in actual fact, he was still married.

The accused has been identified as Sanjay Srivastava, a senior constable posted at Hirri Police Station.

The victim explained that she came into contact with Srivastava in Torwa.

They began to speak regularly and she revealed she was a widow. Srivastava claimed he was divorced and started flirting with her.

The woman was convinced his feelings were genuine and the pair soon had a physical relationship.

Srivastava then told the woman that he wanted to marry her. After she accepted, he took her to the town of Ratanpur and they got married.

However, soon after the marriage, the Indian cop persuaded his new wife to hand over Rs. 55 Lakh (£56,000).

After handing over the money, Srivastava ended the relationship and fled. The woman found out she had been duped when she discovered that the officer was still married.

The victim approached Director General of Police DM Awasthi and explained what had happened.

She told him that prior to leaving, Srivastava threatened to kill her if she went to the police and told them what had happened.

The victim alleged that the accused has visited the likes of Shirdi, Mumbai and Goa, using her money for expenses.

The woman also said that she went to police and told them about the incident, however, they did not take action.

Following her complaint to DGP DM Awasthi, a case was registered and an investigation is underway to locate the accused’s whereabouts.

In a separate incident, a man who posed as a police officer raped a woman after he claimed that he would save her drug-addicted son from police action.

The victim first met Dinesh Parmar in 2017 after her son was arrested. Parmar, who was in full police uniform, said he could prevent the police from taking action if she followed his requests.

The woman said that if she did not meet him at Kalamb Beach in Maharashtra, he would put more cases on her son.

The woman listened to him and met Parmar. He then took her to a resort where he allegedly raped her. Following the incident, Parmar kept asking for her to meet him but she refused.

He even visited the woman’s workplace and tried to speak with her but the victim refused to talk.

Parmar then started a campaign to defame her. When she tried to file a case, the police did not listen to her.

A case was eventually registered after the woman threatened to set herself on fire.

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