Indian Teenager discovers Newborn Girl thrown in Garbage

An Indian teenager from Surat in Gujarat discovered a newborn girl. The child was found lying in a pile of rubbish after being abandoned.

Indian Teenager discovers Newborn Girl thrown in Garbage f

she found a baby lying in some rubbish.

An Indian teenager saved a newborn girl after finding that the child had been abandoned in a pile of rubbish.

The 15-year-old discovered the five-hour-old baby in a rubbish dump in Panaas, Surat, Gujarat.

Geeta had been going to the shop to get breakfast when she heard the sound of crying coming from the dump. When she approached it, she saw the baby lying in the garbage.

Geeta immediately picked up the child, wrapped her up and took her home.

Upon returning home, Geeta’s mother called the police and an ambulance. The baby was taken to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, the police are looking for the baby’s mother.

Dr Virendra Bahadur Singh filed a police complaint. According to information from the hospital, the child was found with blood on her body and small bruises to the back of her neck.

It was revealed that the injuries were caused by pigeons pecking at the baby as she laid in the rubbish.

The Indian teenager explained that she went out at 7 am to get breakfast when she suddenly heard crying nearby.

Geeta approached the rubbish dump and found the baby wrapped in a small cloth. She scared the nearby pigeons away and picked up the child.

She took off her jumper and used it to wrap up the child. When Geeta returned home, her mother asked what she had bought.

Geeta told her mother that she found a baby lying in some rubbish.

Geeta admitted that she wanted to keep the baby as she had no siblings of her own but her mother immediately called the police and an ambulance.

The child was then taken to hospital. Police are searching for the child’s mother to find out why she decided to abandon her baby.

This is the third case of newborns being abandoned within a 12-day period.

On January 12, 2020, a couple was arrested for dumping their newborn son in some bushes by the Tapi river.

In another incident which happened on January 15, a 17-year-old was arrested for dumping a baby in polythene.

The abandonment of newborn babies is an issue in India, particularly in Rajasthan, with a campaign started to tackle the issue. It is also starting in Surat.

In 2019, 10 babies were abandoned of which, five died.

Hospitals in Rajasthan have built cradles as part of the campaign. As part of the campaign, if a baby is abandoned, a person can take the child to raise as their own.

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