Indian Couple throw Son in Bushes after Expecting Daughter

In a shocking incident, an Indian couple from Gujarat threw their newborn son into the bushes after expecting a daughter.

Indian Couple throw Son in Bushes after Expecting Daughter f

the Indian couple did not hesitate to abandon the baby.

An Indian couple have been arrested for abandoning their newborn son by dumping him in a set of bushes. The incident happened in Singanpore, Surat, Gujarat.

It was a case of gender preference, however, abandoning a son is something which is rarely seen. Usually, in India, it is girls who are abandoned.

The couple were parents to three sons. When the woman became pregnant, they hoped for a daughter but when their fourth son was born, they decided to get rid of the child.

After the child was found among the bushes, the parents were tracked down by the police and eventually arrested.

They were expecting a girl, however, their hopes were shattered after the child was a boy.

The couple then came up with a plan to abandon the newborn.

They took the child to the Tapi river near Vanjara Vas and threw him in the bushes by the riverbank. Despite the cold weather, the Indian couple did not hesitate to abandon the baby.

Later that day, digger operator Ajay Vanjhara was working in the area when he spotted the baby in the bushes.

He immediately took off his shirt and wrapped the child up before rushing him to a hospital. After minor treatment and monitoring, the baby was in a healthy condition.

Meanwhile, the police were informed about the incident and launched an investigation.

The whereabouts of the parents were soon tracked down and both were subsequently arrested.

It was revealed that the newborn’s father worked as a truck driver and was named Mangu Narasimha.

During interrogation, he confessed to the crime and told police that he had three sons. When his wife became pregnant for the fourth time, they hoped that they would have a daughter this time.

However, when the child was born, they were upset to discover that the baby was a boy.

Following the child’s birth, both parents decided that they should abandon the baby.

They took their newborn son to an isolated area by the riverbank and left the baby in a set of bushes.

The parents are currently remanded in custody.

This case is a rare example where there is a preference for a girl. Within South Asian society, one of the old customs that some follow is a preference for boys.

This stems from the beliefs and customs still valued from the past. Girls are considered less favourable than boys for a number of reasons, which include boys carrying on the family name and being seen as the breadwinners.

While gender preference is becoming less common, it is something which still happens.

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