Indian Grandfather threw newborn Granddaughter in Bushes

An Indian grandfather from Gujarat dumped his newborn granddaughter in a set of bushes. The incident occurred on September 3, 2019.

6-day-old Baby abducted from Government Hospital in India f

Paswan took the child to a set of bushes and dumped her there.

Indian grandfather Shambhu Paswan, of Pandesara, Gujarat, threw his newborn granddaughter into some bushes on September 3, 2019.

He later told his son-in-law that the child had died and he had buried her.

The father was unaware of what his father-in-law had done especially since he was working double shifts.

The incident came to light after the police used the hospital band on the infant to contact the family.

It was revealed that Paswan and his daughter, Sangeeta Virendra Pal, came up with the plan to abandon the baby.

Sangeeta became a mother for the first time on August 30, 2019, at Civil Hospital. She and her family were hoping for a boy but when it was a girl, they were not happy.

On September 3, 2019, an angry Sangeeta left the hospital despite doctors advising against it.

At around 8 pm, she arrived home and enlisted the help of her father to get rid of the newborn child. While Paswan went, Sangeeta stayed home as she felt unwell.

Paswan took the child to a set of bushes and dumped her there.

The Indian grandfather later told Sangeeta’s husband Virendra that the child had died and he had buried her. Virendra, who was doing double shifts, believed it.

Virendra had been doing extra work in the textile market to ensure a good future for his daughter. He had vowed to make his daughter’s life better from the day she was born.

Paswan and Sangeeta’s lies were exposed on the morning of September 4, 2019. A passer-by heard the child’s cries coming from the bushes.

The man called the emergency number and the police arrived at the scene.

When the child was brought to the hospital, doctors looked at the label and provided Sangeeta’s details to the police.

When Virendra found out that his wife and father-in-law were responsible for the crime, he could not believe that they lied to him.

He explained that his wife and father-in-law wanted a son. After he left the hospital, Paswan said that the child died. Paswan told Virendra to stay at home while he buries his daughter.

After obtaining Sangeeta’s details, they went to her home and arrested her. However, she was admitted to hospital due to ill health.

Meanwhile, Shambhu Paswan went on the run after dumping his granddaughter in the bushes. A case was registered and officers are searching for his whereabouts.

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