Indian Woman throws Granddaughter aged 2 from Sixth Floor

An Indian woman from Mumbai murdered her two-year-old granddaughter by throwing her off the sixth floor of their apartment block.

Indian Woman throws Granddaughter aged 2 from Sixth Floor f

"she had thrown the kid as she had a fight with her daughter-in-law"

A 50-year-old Indian woman from Mumbai was arrested on September 29, 2019, for killing her two-year-old granddaughter.

Police officers believe the woman threw the young girl from the sixth floor of their apartment block in Malad, Mumbai.

The suspect was identified as Ruksana Obedulla Ansari. The incident happened on September 28, 2019.

Residents woke up to the screams of the parents of the girl who was found dead on the ground next to the building she was staying in.

Neighbours had discovered the girl’s body and informed her parents who lived on the sixth floor of the SRA building.

Her parents went downstairs and found their daughter lying in a pool of blood.

The police were called and initially, they thought she may have accidentally fallen out of the window while her family was asleep. However, they became suspicious after finding inconsistencies at the scene.

Officers confirmed that the child fell to the ground where her flat’s window was located but they found that the window was shut when the body was discovered.

They also found that the house’s main door was shut.

Additional Commissioner of Police for the North Region of Mumbai Dilip Sawant requested officials to conduct a detailed investigation into the incident.

He also told them to question as many neighbours as possible including members of the victim’s family.

A senior police official said:

“The initial questioning of the family members did not yield any results so some of them were questioned again and this time the victim’s grandmother, who was her father’s step-mother, changed her statement.

“The grandmother, who was later found to be accused, kept changing her statement and wanted to avoid questions which raised suspicion.

“Ruksana Obedulla Ansari was again grilled and she later revealed that she had thrown the kid as she had a fight with her daughter-in-law, the victim’s mother.”

Police officers explained that Ansari would regularly argue with the victim’s mother.

The Indian woman decided to throw her daughter-in-law’s child from the sixth floor as a way of teaching her a “lesson”.

In a statement, officers said: “Ruksana would regularly get into fights with her daughter-in-law and to teach her a lesson, she threw off her granddaughter while the victim’s mother and other family members were asleep on Saturday morning and went back to sleep again.

The child had been asleep when she was thrown out of the window. It was confirmed that the impact caused multiple head injuries.

India Today reported that Ansari was arrested and she was booked for murder.

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