Pakistani Man sexually assaults Granddaughter aged 13

Police have discovered that a Pakistani man from the Punjab province was allegedly behind the sexual assault of his 13-year-old granddaughter.

Pakistani Man sexually assaults Granddaughter aged 13 f

The boy stated that he found out what was happening to his sister

A Pakistani man from the town of Sharaqpur of Sheikhupura District, was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting his 13-year-old granddaughter.

The incident took place in the area, approximately twenty-four miles from Lahore. Police officers explained that the man had been subjecting his granddaughter to sexual abuse for around four months.

The suspect was identified as Muhammad Ismail. The victim was one of six siblings in her family.

The matter came to light when the victim’s elder brother approached the police and filed a complaint. He explained that his grandfather had been sexually assaulting his sister for months.

The boy stated that he found out what was happening to his sister through their mother.

After explaining the allegations against the Pakistani man to the police, the teenage boy told officers:

“He violated the sanctity of the grandfather-granddaughter bond by sexually assaulting my sister.”

He went on to demand that justice be ensured for his sister.

The complaint was initially registered on October 25, 2019. The sexual assault case was registered against Ismail and he was later arrested.

The horrific accusations of sexual abuse come after a high-profile case where a couple confessed to sexually abusing fourty-five girls.

They were arrested in Rawalpindi after one of the victims filed a complaint. It was heard that Qasim Jahangir and Kiran Mehmood targeted university and college students.

The victim mentioned that Mehmood had claimed to be a student and said that she was waiting for her brother. A short while later, a man arrived in a grey car and Mehmood pushed the victim inside.

Mehmood then threatened the student with a knife to keep quiet.

She was taken to a house in Gulistan Colony where she was raped by Jahangir. Meanwhile, Mehmood took photos and filmed the sex abuse.

They then showed the victim the video and threatened to upload it online. The victim was dropped off on Tipu Road later that night.

City Police Officer (CPO) Mohammad Faisal Rana said:

“The husband assaulted the girl sexually while his wife Kiran kept recording the satanic act on a mobile phone.”

Following the complaint, the couple were eventually arrested. During interrogation, they admitted to sexually abusing fourty-five girls.

They also confessed to taking photographs and filming at least ten of the girls. Officers recovered ten videos and thousands of photos from the house.

CPO Rana told officers to identify the suspects in the videos and photos, along with lodging a separate case for each incident.

In September 2019, a children’s rights NGO revealed that during the first half of 2019, 1,304 child sexual abuse cases were reported in Pakistan.

The report found that 729 girls and 575 boys were among the victims. Around twelve victims were murdered after being abused.

The Tribune reported that in 2018, around 3,832 child sexual abuse cases were reported, indicating that there were at least ten cases daily. This is an 11% increase from 2017.

But these numbers have not led to clear steps in dealing with such crimes and protecting such children.

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