Indian Grandmother wanting to Sell Granddaughter Burns Her

In a horrific case, an Indian grandmother from Punjab planned to sell her own granddaughter. The elderly woman ended up burning her.

Indian Grandmother wanting to Sell Granddaughter Burns Her f

She took one of her hands and put it into a pan of hot oil.

An Indian grandmother has been arrested for burning her granddaughter after expressing her desire to sell her.

The incident happened in Ludhiana, Punjab.

It was reported that the woman attempted to sell the two-year-old, however, when she was unsuccessful, she burnt the child by putting her hand in boiling oil.

The mother and the police managed to stop her mother-in-law and saved her daughter. The toddler was rushed to hospital where her condition has improved.

Police have identified the accused as Darshana Rani.

Assistant Superintendent Ramesh Kumar explained that Deepak Kumar is the victim’s father. He and his wife have two children, 10-year-old son Piyush and two-year-old daughter Rosal.

Rani used to look after the children when the parents were at work or out.

According to the mother, Rani did not like Rosal and would often tell the woman that she needed to have another son.

Rani would also talk about selling Rosal. This would lead to frequent arguments and as a result, the woman and her mother-in-law rarely spoke.

On Saturday, March 14, 2020, Deepak had gone to work while his wife was in her room.

Knowing that her plan to sell the child had failed, the Indian grandmother took Rosal into the kitchen.

She took one of her hands and put it into a pan of hot oil. When the child screamed, the mother rushed to the kitchen but the door was locked.

She informed the police and officers arrived at the scene. They broke down the door and managed to stop Rani just as she was about to burn her granddaughter’s second hand.

Officers arrested Rani while the child was taken to hospital after suffering severe burns.

Mr Kumar told police that his mother had previously threatened to kill Rosal.

In 2018, Rani picked up Rosal and took her into a room. She then claimed that she had committed murder. This caused panic and resulted in Rosal’s mother fainting.

Locals heard about the matter and tried to help. They then called the police.

Officers forced their way into the room and found the child unconscious under some clothes.

According to Mr Kumar, Rani said that she will be able to get good money if she sold his daughter. When he refused, Rani admitted that she wanted another grandson.

Following her failure to sell the child, Rani came up with a plan to kill the young girl.

Rani was detained and a case was registered against her.

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