New Indian Bride gets Left on Railway Platform by Husband

A newly married Indian bride from Uttar Pradesh tried to get on a train, however, she was left on the railway platform by her husband.

Newly Indian Bride gets Left on Railway Platform by Husband f

The train soon left, leaving the woman on the railway platform.

An Indian bride was left on a railway platform by her husband on Sunday, March 15, 2020.

The incident happened in the city of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.

The newly married woman had planned to visit her in-laws with her husband, however, due to overcrowding, she did not make it onto the train.

The couple waited on the platform as the train arrived but it was full. The couple decided to try and board the train.

While the man made it onto the train, it was more difficult for the young woman.

When the train was about to leave, the groom decided to stay on the train instead of waiting with his wife for another one.

The train soon left, leaving the woman on the railway platform.

The woman started crying and was left with no choice but to return to her maternal home. She later informed her parents, who were shocked by the fact that her husband had left her.

Her family called the Station Superintendent to help but they were unsuccessful.

Ashutosh explained that his sister got married to Naveen Sonkar, a resident of Kharagpur, West Bengal, on March 14, 2020.

Following the marriage, the newlyweds and other family members were set to travel to West Bengal by train.

However, the train was severely delayed, meaning it arrived at the railway station four hours later than scheduled. As a result, a large number of people were at the platform waiting for the train.

When the train arrived, Naveen quickly climbed onto the train while others rushed to get on. In the midst of the chaos, he had left his wife.

Seeing that he had left his wife, other passengers shouted to stop the train.

Some passengers on the platform tried to help the Indian bride by approaching the police and Station Superintendent Ravindra Kumar.

Meanwhile, Naveen sat in his seat while his wife was on the platform.

The efforts to help the Indian bride were unsuccessful as the train left.

Superintendent Kumar explained that they could not halt the train any longer especially since it had been delayed. He went on to say that the train needed to leave as another train was set to arrive at the platform.

He added: “I did what was in my jurisdiction.”

The young woman returned home in tears while her husband travelled to his home.

Meanwhile, the woman’s family have expressed their anger over the fact that Naveen left his wife alone on the platform.

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