Is Love Island reducing Kai & Sanam’s Airtime?

Viewers have accused Love Island producers of reducing Kai Fagan and his partner Sanam Harrinanan’s screen time.

Is Love Island reducing Kai & Sanam's Airtime f

"they disappeared from our screens."

Despite Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan’s popularity on Love Island, they seem to be hardly seen onscreen.

Viewers have echoed this, accusing the makers of reducing their screen time.

Kai was one of the show’s original cast members and since coupling up with Sanam in Casa Amor, they have been well-received by viewers.

This is mainly due to Kai standing up to the controversial Olivia Hawkins.

Fans believe Kai and Sanam have a genuine connection and are delighted with how they have managed to stay clear of all the drama in the villa.

However, viewers have noticed that the pair have not appeared more on the screen lately. According to many viewers, Kai and Sanam have been edited out of the show.

On Reddit, fans discussed the couple’s lack of airtime.

The original post read: “Seriously getting annoyed by the lack of air time for Sanam and Kai!!

“Once people started liking them, they disappeared from our screens.

“I feel producers thought Kai would fight for Olivia, and once that didn’t happen… no interest in the couple. Sad ’cause they are my favourite.”

Many believe the producers only focus on problematic couples.

One wrote: “No secure couple is getting airtime let’s be honest lol that’s why we’re stuck watching a triangle between Casey, Claudia and Rosie.

“Now that it’s over I’m sure there will be some other nonsense/fodder to focus on haha.”

Another agreed: “There is quite literally nothing to show hence why the other loved-up couples don’t get airtime.

“They’ll start showing Kai and Sanam when they have issues. A couple only gets a lot of scenes if they’re having issues.”

Stating that this usually happens, one said:

“This happens with most couples as the season goes on.

“All happy couples get the ghost edit until something monumental happens in the relationship (GF proposal etc).

“I don’t think it has anything to do with producers intentionally not showing them, they’re just not providing the drama.”

A user stated: “No drama, no screentime.”

Is Love Island reducing Kai & Sanam's Airtime

Others even worry that Sanam is being isolated from the other girls after noticing that she does not seem very present in their group chats.

One viewer tweeted: “We really need to discuss how isolated Sanam is from the other girls like do you hate pretty unproblematic b*****s?”

Another said:

“They never show her at night or ever talking to the girls. It’s sad, she seems great.”

The series has not been as well-received compared to previous ones, with many expressing their boredom over the repetitive triangle between Casey, Claudia and Rosie.

Throughout the series, fans have praised Kai and Sanam’s compatibility and efforts to stay away from the drama.

And although it seems like Sanam and Kai are not getting any airtime, fans are rooting for the couple, with many calling for them to be crowned the winners.

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