‘Uninterested’ Aryan Khan hosts Lavish Party

Aryan Khan partied with the likes of Nyra Banerjee and Roshni Walia. However, social media users trolled his “uninterested” expression.

Aryan Khan hosts Lavish Party f

"Why do I always feel like Aryan has no interest in anything?"

Aryan Khan was trolled for his “uninterested” expression during a party that he hosted.

He threw a grand party in Mumbai for D’Yavol Vodka, a premium vodka brand of which he is a partner, along with Bunty Singh and Leti Blagoeva.

The party was attended by several celebrities including Nyra Banerjee, Roshni Walia and Nehhaa Malik.

For the event, Nyra wore a sparkly blue dress while Roshni opted for a black dress with racy cutouts. Meanwhile, Nehhaa chose a red ensemble.

Aryan was dressed more casually, seen in a jacket and t-shirt.

Throughout the party, stars posed with Aryan.

'Uninterested' Aryan Khan hosts Lavish Party

While the stars smiled in the pictures, Aryan looked serious and his expression quickly became a topic of discussion, with many netizens claiming he looked “bored” and “uninterested”.

One user asked: “Why do I always feel like Aryan has no interest in anything?”

Another said: “Someone teach him how to smile.”

A third wrote: “When does Aryan Khan laugh?”

One comment read: “Aryan looks so uninterested.”

Believing that the event was not Aryan’s scene, one wrote:

“Aryan looks so out of place.”

Some users took the opportunity to troll Aryan on the drugs case he was involved in 2021, which saw him arrested.

He was detained for 25 days before being released. The charges against Aryan were later dropped.

One troll commented: “Oh this addict Aryan went to do drugs again.”

Another said: “Narcotics wants to know your location.”

A third wrote: “This is the famous drug addict.”

A user said:

“SRK is such a big actor but his son is sitting in drugs.”

However, one user was concerned about his appearance, stating that it might be something more than just choosing not to smile.

The netizen commented: “Something is definitely wrong about him, he seems so negative.”

'Uninterested' Aryan Khan hosts Lavish Party 2

Others turned their attention to those taking pictures with him.

A comment read: “Aryan, please have some standard, not TikTokers please.”

Trolling Roshni, one person said:

“I am thinking that I will get a film from Shah Rukh’s boy.”

A few others said Aryan’s expression was because he has no interest in Roshni.

One said: “Aryan is not interested in you.”

Another said: “His face shows how unimportant you are to him and not at all interested.”

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan is set to enter the film industry as a director. He is working on his first script.

But he did not reveal any hints about the film genre, title, or even anyone else who might be involved in the making.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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