Sanam & Kai get Racy in the Love Island Hideaway

On ‘Love Island’, Sanam and Kai got racy as they enjoyed a night in the Hideaway. But fans all have the same question.

Sanam & Kai get Racy in the Love Island Hideaway f

"I love that, you can definitely lick that off me.”

Sanam and Kai got a chance to spend a night in the Love Island Hideaway.

The PE teacher and the social worker were voted by the rest of the villa and they made the most of it.

Earlier in the show, the islanders received a text that read:

“Islanders, the Hideaway Retreat is open tonight. Please choose a lucky couple to spend the night together #AloneTime #Baecation.”

Tanya is the first to suggest Kai and Sanam and she asks her fellow islanders if they are all in favour. They all raise their hands in a unanimous decision.

Delighted, Kai lifted Sanam as they headed out to the private room while the other islanders cheered.

Sanam & Kai get Racy in the Love Island Hideaway

Kai had a surprise in store for Sanam as he dressed up in an unusual outfit, which involved a cap and leopard print shorts.

Upon entering the Hideaway, Kai and Sanam wasted no time exploring what it had to offer.

Sharing a kiss whilst sitting by the pool, Sanam then decided to head inside so she could dress up in lace lingerie before performing a sexy dance for Kai.

As things heated up, Kai was keen to see what else the Hideaway had in store for them as he reached for the chocolate body paint.

Sanam told him: “I love that, you can definitely lick that off me.”

The body chocolate went down a treat as Kai grinned while Sanam covered his body in the sauce and licked it off.

Sanam & Kai get Racy in the Love Island Hideaway 2

Love Island fans were pleased for the couple, who have become huge favourites.

One said: “Kai and Sanam in the hideaway!!! Love to see it.”

Another wrote: “This is the first time I’ve enjoyed a hideaway scene this season.”

However, some viewers were worried about the awkward implications.

One said: “Imagine watching your teacher get it on, on national television. I feel sorry for Kai’s old students #loveisland.”

Another joked: “Kai can never be a teacher again lool #LoveIsland.”

A third said:

“Kai’s school watching their PE teacher do bits #loveisland.”

One comment read: “Y’all just reminded me that Kai is a teacher… imagine the other members of staff watching this. #loveisland.”

One person said: “Imagine being one of Kai’s students and seeing your teacher on screen in leopard print boxers. I’d be mortified.”

Kai coupled up with Sanam in Casa Amor.

Since entering the main villa, the pair have been praised for managing to stay clear of all the drama in the villa.

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