How will Kai & Sanam spend their Love Island Winnings?

After being crowned ‘Love Island’ winners, Kai and Sanam revealed how they will spend their £50,000 winnings.

How will Kai & Sanam spend their Love Island Winnings f

"We’ve got to be sensible with it as well."

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan have revealed their thoughtful plans for their Love Island winnings.

The couple won the £50,000 prize as the dating show’s winter series came to an end.

Kai and Sanam beat Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins to take the crown.

Tom Clare and Samie Elishi finished in third place while Tanya Mahenga and Shaq Muhammad came fourth.

It was later revealed that the winners received a huge 44% of the whole final public vote, ahead of Ron and Lana’s second place of 30%.

Since winning Love Island, Kai and Sanam admitted they did not expect to win the competition.

Kai said: “It’s a bit of a shock. I don’t think either of us expected to even be in the final let alone win it.

“When we got to the final, I think we were just happy to be there.

“We said the whole time along, it didn’t matter if we won it or not – positions weren’t anything, we were happy to go at any time because we knew that we had met each other and were buzzing and happy and just looking forward to our time together next.

“To come away and win it, is just the cherry on top. We are both just absolutely buzzing and shocked.”

Sanam added: “Whether we were third, fourth, second, whatever we would have still been really happy. It’s just amazing to know there is a lot of love there for us.”

When asked how they will spend the prize money, they said they will spend some of it on a holiday.

Sanam said: “Holiday.”

Kai added: “I want to go to Italy. I want to go to the Amalfi Coast. Sanam wants to go to Santorini!”

They then revealed their thoughtful plans for the money.

Sanam said: “We’ve got to be sensible with it as well.”

This was echoed by Kai who said: “Before I came in here I wanted to start up a business and help kids get into physical activity.

“I don’t want to turn my back on teaching, working with young kids and think I will use some of that to do that. I am not sure yet in what capacity.”

Sanam agreed:

“That’s similar to me. I came from social work – working with children who have been adopted.”

“I know that sometimes in my area there can be limited services, so for me I want to be able to do something to aid and support them, being an advocate for them.”

Kai added: “Both our careers were pretty similar when we came in here.

“The conversations we had and the reasons why we were doing them were very similar.”

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