Bridal Lehenga inspires A Spectacular Wedding Cake

The Little Cottage Cakery in Northwest England has created a one-of-its-kind wedding cake inspired by the bride’s lehenga. We bring you the exclusive scoop!

Bridal Lehenga inspires A Spectacular Wedding Cake

“The sponge tastes so good and the attention to detail on the icing is perfect.”

A cakery in the UK has created the most beautiful wedding cake inspired by a bridal lehenga.

The four-tier cake glows in a lovely shade of midnight blue from top to bottom, echoing the lehenga’s base colour.

Each layer is adorned with an element found on the garment purchased from Delhi, such as the intricate embroidery.

Even the pink and gold dupatta finds its way to the spotlight! It drapes down the side of the tiers from a matching flower that doubles a cake topper.

Coated in gold, the couple’s initials add an elegant finishing touch to the biggest wedding cake that the Cakery has ever made.

Bridal Lehenga inspires A Spectacular Wedding CakeThe Little Cottage Cakery in St Helens, Merseyside, has worked on this unique wedding cake for an entire week.

Founder Saira Ashford tells DESIblitz that she works closely with the bride’s mother and sister, to perfect the overall design and every little detail.

Saira also says she uses a board to secure the heavy cake during transportation, to make sure it stays in one piece.

She says: “I would rate the difficulty of this wedding cake at around 7.5 in comparison with my previous creations, due to the size and complexity of the design.”

Bridal Lehenga inspires A Spectacular Wedding Cake

We also catch up with the blissful bride Sharon as to why she chooses Saira’s cakery to mark her big day: “Because the sponge tastes so good and the attention to detail on the icing is perfect.

“I was amazed, it was exactly how I wanted it. Guests said it looked fantastic and it tastes so good!”

Want to know how she accomplishes the mammoth task? Saira exclusively takes us through the journey of this ‘lehenga cake’ from beating the first egg to wrapping the final ribbon!

The Making of Lehenga Wedding Cake:

  • Firstly, I have to bake four cakes – 11″ vanilla cake, 10″ chocolate cake, 9″ vanilla Cake and 8″ lemon cake.
  • The vanilla cake is the simplest cake to make using all of the usual ingredients.
  • The chocolate cake is slightly different. This includes melting Belgian chocolate, butter and coffee in order to add this to dry ingredients along with sour cream and free range eggs. This chocolate cake turns out very gooey and fudge like.
  • Lastly, I make the lemon cake using my own vanilla cake recipe and adding lemon zest and extract.
  • Next, I make the fillings for the different flavoured cakes including vanilla, chocolate and lemon buttercream. All of which are made with quality icing sugar and real English butter.
  • After slicing and filling the individual cakes with buttercream and different preserves, I crumb-coat them with a thin layer of buttercream. This stops any cake crumbs being visible when I apply the next layer of buttercream.
  • This second application is smooth in order to get the finest finish on the cake tiers when the fondant is applied.
  • Stack all of the tiers and make sure the cake look flawless.
  • Add the decoration and details using different piping techniques with royal icing, which is then painted gold when it has set.
  • Then, I make and drape the pink ‘scarf’ over the side of the cake using royal icing. I attach it to the cake to prevent it from slipping off or cracking.
  • I leave the cake for a day before adding the other details to ensure I do not damage the pink scarf.
  • Finally, I attach the navy lace, ribbon and gold stencilling onto the cake. This brings the cake together and finishes it off perfectly.

Bridal Lehenga inspires A Spectacular Wedding Cake

Saira’s spectacular ‘lehenga cake’ has quickly found fame in the community. It has brought in more businesses from Asian customers, looking for a sweet treat for various occasions.

The passionate baker recounts the humble beginning of her company, which started in July 2015:

“We set up business initially supplying friends and family with birthday cakes and celebratory bakes.

“I have always loved to bake as I have done so for my friends and family over the many decades.

Bridal Lehenga inspires A Spectacular Wedding Cake“Being vegan/vegetarian over the years, I had no choice but to learn and become creative with the food I produced. This of course fuelled my discovery of my passion for baking and creating something new.

“We here, at The Little Cottage Cakery, as a result of this, love challenging requests and to be a part of the customers’ special day.”

It would seem the hardworking team has become an important part of Rainford Village in St Helens as well, as Saira tells us:

“I now have a vast portfolio of cakes and designs produced and an abundance of returning customers!”

From anniversary cakes to cupcakes for bachelorette party, the team truly lives up to the spirit of their tagline – ‘Luxury cakes and bakes, designed with dedication to detail’.

Enjoy our gallery of their unbelievably beautiful bakes below:

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Images courtesy of The Little Cottage Cakery and Pixsmiths Creative Photography

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