Have Love Island winners Kai & Sanam got Engaged?

‘Love Island’ winners Kai and Sanam seemingly got engaged on a radio show, leaving fans going wild. But is it all it seems?

Have Love Island winners Kai & Sanam got Engaged f

"OMG did this just happen live"

Just over a week after winning Love Island, Kai and Sanam got fans excited when they seemingly got engaged.

On March 20, 2023, the couple appeared on BBC Asian Network.

During the show, they seemingly got engaged.

Kai even shared a picture on Instagram of Sanam wearing a ring. He wrote:

“OMG did this just happen live on the @bbcasiannetwork.”

Some fans got extremely excited about the news.

However, the ‘engagement’ was not what it appeared to be. In actual fact, the Love Island winners acted out a proposal to mark national proposal day, using the producer’s ring.

Listeners were quick to explain the situation, with one saying:

“Lol guys relax, it was a mock proposal.

“Today is national proposal day and they were just acting it out with the radio producer’s ring. Kai and Sanam are still gf/bf.”

Others pointed out that they have only been out of the Love Island villa for a week.

Although they are not engaged, they have plans to move in together.

In their exit interview, Kai said: “I’ve made it pretty clear that she is definitely going to be my girlfriend on the outside!

“As soon as we get out here, that’s when even more effort starts.

“You can really value someone’s time and effort when you have to put in the time and effort. That’s what I am looking forward to.”

Kai then spoke about the possibility of moving from Manchester to Bedford.

“I’ve always said for the right girl and the right relationship you would move anywhere.

“If you’ve got a connection with someone and want to spend time with someone wherever they are it’s going to feel like home. Living in Bedford is no issue.”

Sanam added:

“I think it’s something we both want, so we will work towards it.”

Speaking about their plans to spend their £50,000 winnings, Kai said:

“We have about a thousand dates planned.

“We said we want to go to the Amalfi coast and Santorini. I feel like they are more holidays than dates. Maybe invest a little bit.”

Meanwhile, Sanam said: “I am going to be soppy but I am going to give my mum some of course because it’s just me and mum so I have got to support her as well.”

“I was literally on the phone going ‘Mum you are getting some, I don’t care what Kai says you are getting some’ and the rest we will spend on ourselves, invest and build something with it.”

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